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And I said………

Date: 17th March, 2012

Time: 6.10 pm

Location: MMIA, Lagos

I am at the airport and I get a call from YB asking how far. In my “annoyed” and frustrated and irritated state, I tried to as calmly as I can tell him what was going on. I had arrived 5.05pm and more than an hour after, my luggage wasn’t out. After endless waiting because the belts were not working (we all had to hustle to get our luggage), I discovered my luggage didn’t arrive. I was in tears. I had just shoes and my nightie as hand luggage. So when his call came in (and that was like the 3rd time he was going to call), am just like “I am trying to find out the procedure to register missing luggage) and he goes “call me when you leave the airport, I have a surprise for you”. Ok na.

Time: 6.50 pm

Location: Lekki Toll Gate

I call him to say I was approaching Lekki and would be home in 15 minutes and he goes ok. I had completely forgotten about the surprise.

I get home some 15-20 minutes after and have barely settled down when he calls that he is at the gate. So I go meet him at the door. I walk towards his car, and we are heading back into the house when it clicked in my brain that I saw flowers. So I go back towards the car and truly see flowers and cake. Alrighty. I later discovered I messed up his plans by “seeing what was in the car”. He is then “forced” to change plans and had to bring the cake and flowers into the house (his plan was I leads me outside and he does all the talking and all). Oh well, I spoilt that plan. He had to re-park his car so he gives me strict instructions not to open the cake. Oh well, no bi cake. When you get back, I shall do what I know best to do with chocolate cakes, I think to myself.

To cut the short story even shorter, he comes back in, we are talking and I ask if I could open the cake now and he goes, yes. So I open the cake and see the words “will you marry me”. Ok all the while he was smiling sheepishly. And I remember asking him why the smiles. But I guess I was too tired to even bug him. I start smiling (can you blame me?) and thinking “you should say something”. I then move the cake a little thinking “oh well when you are ready to talk you would say something”. And he is still smiling so I blurt out asking “won’t you say something”. His reply? “Look at the cake properly”. Lo and behold, between the petals (is that the right word? Anyway, there were flowers on the cake and in between the flowers) was the ring. Well, I couldn’t even scream or shout or jump (I didn’t sleep the day before, had been on the plane since 6.45am, landed past 5 and didn’t get home till about 7pm). I was just smiling. Now it was my turn to smile sheepishly. So I pick out the ring, hand it over to him, he gets on one knee and asks me to marry him.

Ya all know my reply…. And then I remembered the surprise, the chat with a friend couple of weeks before then talking about a surprise and his post.