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Iya ni wura

What can I say about a woman so loving yet major strict. A woman awake so early in the morning, on her knees praying for her husband and children. The one who taught me to cook, clean and every household chore possible. Who always said “omo kan kan o ni je ki wan gbe mi sepe lojo iwaju” (paraphrased, she would train us such that nobody would abuse her in future if we decide to go our own way). The one who taught me the Bible. Taking her time to explain passages to us. The one who sat and did my assignments with me (well, I chopped a lot of slaps and beatings in between sha). Never stopped begging and trying to make me a better person. From assignments to dissertations. Got whatsoever material I needed to do any project or assignment handed down. The one who taught me to be independent. Even though she knew nothing about Chemistry and Physics and Technical Drawing, she never stopped sitting with me to do assignments and even when she couldn’t, getting someone who could help me out. A woman forever “pestering” me about marriage *sigh*. The perfect home maker.  The one who watched every TV program, explained and asked what we learnt from them. It was that bad. Or good? The one who gave me her shoes to wear (well that’s what happens when you wear the same shoe size as your mum. Abi na?)

The one who showed me what it means to be a woman. I could go on and on and on and on…. Just wanna say, mama Deronk, twinnie mi, I love you more (even when I do not show it). All through our fights, you never gave up on me (always striving to bring me back to the right path). All through my surgeries, sitting down and gisting with me. Trying to get my mind off the pains. Even when I was down and out, making me snap out of it. Just one call, just one word. You just know how to do it. How to make me smile through my pains. Waiting for the day I can call you maami. Grateful for all the slaps, the beatings, the sleepless nights… Sorry for the times I ever doubted and stopped short of asking “na you born me?” Thank you for being on my case like forever. Lord knows I have a very big shoe to fill. My best friend, my sister, my lover, my twinnie. I dunno what I can and would do without you. May God keep you many many many many more years for me.

My grandma, the one who showed me the strength of a woman. My aunty and great-aunt, the ones who have never stopped praying for me, scolding yet ever loving and the ones who “assure” me I can never be fat (oh yes I believe them. Lol).

I just wanna say Happy Mothers’ Day to my mama, to all the mothers in my life, aspiring mothers and women generally. Just Joxy, I see you. Happy Mothers’ Day.

I leave with this.

Btw, tis Maami (my grandma’s birthday in 4 days)… So excited… As always…

Am back

Wow…. Been a while have been here. Thanks to essays and exams but NOW, am back.

Na so January just come and in less than 7 days would be over. Freaking fast month. Oh well, all the better for me. February can like to hurry too till March. Then March- April should take chill pills. Like pause. Lol.

Glad to be back though. So many things happened while I was away. Like I said, exams and essays to write took a lot of my time, I only managed to post on 1st. Hope I wasn’t missed much.

January 10 marked a year I had this scary surgery (scary cause it went well but the entire week after, I practically wasn’t myself, I was in so much pain). I just thank God for the gift of life. This year also, I was pretty down for some time before exams. When you just feel so sick you don’t know exactly what is wrong. And the devil tried. All sorts of scary thoughts. Spent part of the day before my first paper in the hospital cause I just couldn’t get the thoughts out of my head till I found out exactly what the problem was. I sat down there waiting each time to be called in for a test (blood test, ECG, x-rays) all the while scared they might find something wrong with me. After all sorts of tests and all, it all came out clear. I was just worrying and giving the devil a chance to scare me. So I decided to walk in freedom over every sickness and thoughts the devil might bring my way because I have been set free and the price paid. Every thought brought under subjection because I have not been given the spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind. FREEDOM!!!!!!! Set free, loved and powerful (thanks Richard, Dave and Mark for the sermons in the past 3 weeks; word in due season).

Woke up this morning and after my devotion, something struck me. As females we have been called to be wives first and then mothers. I dunno (oh well, thanks to the new bbm smiley, I used to go idk) how that works as I am not married but I pray God would give us the grace to be able to balance our responsibilities first as wives and then as mothers (as the children would all leave the house one day and we are left alone with our husbands). God help us.

I was going to blog about the all fuel subsidy ish in Nigeria but decided against it. However, my elder sister did start one which I would like to share. Really deep things (and am not saying that cause she is my sister). Lol.

I know a lot of things has been going on behind me here, but not to worry, I would soon have your time. Thankful also, it hasn’t snowed (not talking sleet) and the temperatures haven’t gone bunkers. When I see -30 degrees in the States, one thought would just fly through my head; Ile ya (Time to go home). Can’t just imagine staying in that kinda place. Well, God knew I would be here this year, so He decided to give a warm winter. My God loves me.

Thanking God for a great month so far and praying the rest of the year gets even better and better.

Still got a paper tomorrow so please pray for me. Can’t wait for tomorrow night.

Till next time (hopefully soon), tis tada.


NB: Ara n be ti mo fe da… lol… heard a song a while back and that part struck me.