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Criminal Mind?

So I have spent the last 3 hours thinking and dissecting something and putting the pieces of a puzzle back together… I should blame it on watching #Scandal and #Suits right after each other but then….

I grew up loving to read and watch anything that had to do with mystery, law, crime. Little wonder why I never finished Desperate Housewives (though I like to think I finished) or Grey’s Anatomy or House (Medical dramas are so overrated). I like to blame it on the fact that they just dragged on and on yet still I watched every freaking episode of 24 and Prison Break. I steadily follow Scandal and Suits. And the only reason why I am not watching a lot of other law or criminal series is I feel I can’t handle them all. Had to stop CSI: NY and The Mentalist at some point.

I read a lot of books on haunted houses, ghosts, detective ish, Sidney Sheldon, John Grisham and James Hadley Chase (please please don’t ask me where I got the books from). I guess that’s what got me interested in Law and crime. Only thing I was sure of was I wasn’t gonna be a lawyer. And a trip to a court room (never mind the fancy buildings and good looking lawyers we see on TV) in Nigeria was enough to kill any tiny bit of love for Law. Those wooden seats ehn plus the heat….. And mehn, I can’t read all those their law textbooks. Too young to wear glasses and have a bent back.

Where am I going to.  I have always had the tendency to over analyse and think things through thoroughly. Even more when it gets to a stage I start to suspect people, my detective antenna  comes out and I start to put things together till it fits. I then draw up my plan on how to “catch the suspect, interrogate and deal with the suspect” . You know the part where you meet the person and the person is trying to form victim/saint and you just give it straight and the person is too shocked to reply. The part at the end where you tell the person I got it all on tape. *sigh* too much movies. I am just a drama queen. Never mind that from drawing it up to implementation (which might never happen), something comes up. “Case” gets solved. Just not the way I planned. And I can plannnnnn…… So now I have planned And I won’t do anything. Just maybe it would get solved the way I planned it to get solved? Who knows?

I blogged about having an “Olivia Pope” moment a few weeks back. Now I have lost almost 3 hours of sleep because I had another Olivia and gladiators moment. Only this was more than a moment. It was some 3 hours of good sleep I could have spent actually SLEEPING.

I am beginning to think I have a very criminal mind. Because every time I think of the fact that I think such stuff and I remember what the Bible says about judgment day and God judging even our secret thoughts, I see a situation where “the life and times and- wait for it, the thoughts of Deronk” is being played and small me in the crowd of many millions is just there watching and people around (the way my people would have their hands on their heads in disbelief) shout “ha! iwo nikan” (Ha! na only you), “iwo lo ro gbogbo eyi tan” (only you thought of all of these?), “omo kekere de ni o” (she is only a small girl)” and the likes…. *le sigh* Just because it can take a thousand years to finish watching my own roll of film o.. Of which what is a thousand years to God. Just a tiny bit….

I think a new prayer point should be “God take away every ability to…” What do I call this ability now? It was a lot easier to ask for the ability to hack into peoples systems to be taken away. Being able to hack into peoples computer at 10/11 was a criminal thing. Yet people thought I should channel it into becoming an ethical hacker and studying Forensics. Hian!!!! what is ethical about hacking? Maybe I woulda been sitting down behind one desk in one secret service office now or be somewhere in the US making money helping corporations keep their sites and databases etal safe right. Not my calling. Living and working in the US has never been on my agenda.

Now I have lost an extra 30 minutes of sleep typing this… I blame it on the drugs and Scandal and Suits. Good night peoples. If I can’t sleep I can as well read this lovely  C.S. Lewis book this post made me download.

Love ya

Am I the only one who saw last week’s episode of Suits and thought it was Harvey who had a heart attack? I almost died. I am beginning to love Louis…. Getting Litt up…. and good bye to Louis and Shelia… It would fun while they lasted… And I so feel for Mike…. Why do bad things happen to “good people”