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I am here, you are there. Do your job!!!!

Or better still “am here, you’re there, do your freaking job”?

What is it about Suits that gets me so………………….. To think I never liked it. Well, the first few episodes just didn’t cut it for me. It somehow grew on me. And since Scandal isn’t returning till next month, I have had all the time to watch. *sigh* Woulda ever have time for #scandal?

Loving loving loving Harvey… And I know I have never spoken about his suits but dayum he looks omg… And why do I feel like Donna? I feel a lot like Olivia too. Don’t ask me why I think so.. I just know season 3 is gonna be *in Barney’s voice* awesome… Jessica oh Jessica…. I don’t know what to think about her…

In other news. My secondary school would be 50 next month… Yayyyyy. So yeah, here is the list of activities. Amazing how it is just a few weeks away. Months and years of planning. Going to lock down Ib city. If you are ex-ISI, this is for ya. Save the dates. So looking forward to it.


Also, there is a meeting 4pm tomorrow, if you can make it, venue is Terra Culture, Tiamiyu Savage; Drink, Eat, Network (DEN).

So yeah. I flunked my first test at work. Gotta re-write it plus another exam in October. People keep asking how I failed (or they thought I was joking) like I ever planned to fail. I guess that’s the result of “teaching others theirs right”. I broke it down for people yet failed mine. God help me… So ya’all better start praying. Hafta pass the second attempt and kent fail the exam (not an option). And Lord knows I need help with my presentation skills. Thought I had it all covered till yesterday.

Have a lovely night rest people.

Leaving ya with these absolutely lovely songs

And this runaway lady, whatever happened to her?

I have a dream

So I hit 100 posts and I went to sleep yeah? No bi so o. Between work, working on baby sister’s project, watching Scandal (and going to start Suits tonight, I barely even watch my regulars nowadays) and those that keep me awake till early hours the next morning (you know yourselves, 360 degrees side eye), I have had a full 3 weeks. At work 8:30am and might not leave till past 9pm at times, Monday to Saturday. Whew. I have suddenly developed some super woman skills I never knew I had. I have to find time to see friends, chat and all and still sleep in between all of this. And yet I haven’t broken down. You see… I am a super woman.

Back to post. Na, I aint MLK. Just got to work this morning and suddenly remembered one of the songs I sang with my school choir which was an adaptation of his speech. Well, the whole essence of this post sha and sha is that I remembered some songs and I want to share them with you. If you were fortunate to have Mrs. Amorelle Inanga or Joshua Saprong teach you music in school, I doff my hat. If unfortunately neither of them taught you BUT you attended a good school and used their music book, you try small. For those who didn’t have the fortune of being taught by either neither did they use the books or you schooled in Nigeria, I am sorry for you. You can’t be helped. Go back to your secondary school and collect change. I am sure you are one of those who like “your waist” and all the crap being sung in the music industry. Jokes people. Just glad I had a good teacher.

By the way, I hear Iyanaya served garden eggs as small chops for VIPs at his concert yesterday. Ndo o. He is just improvising. Trying to remind ya all tis Lent and as it won’t be proper to do Easter eggs now, he made do with garden eggs. Plus eating garden eggs is healthy na and economical. Compared to frying small chops.

So these three songs just came to mind. And as my dear school celebrates her 50th Anniversary later in the year, I wish somehow, everyone of us that passed through Mrs Inanga can come together and sing some of these songs.

N.B: it is coincidental that two songs talk about slavery, peace and freedom.

I have a dream

I have a dream, for all humanity

That we may know truth and dignity

That peace on earth (peace on the earth)

Becomes reality

And that one day we stand hand in hand, arm in arm

Yes I, I have a dream

A dream for all the people in the world

That peace, peace, hope and God’s freedom shall reign

Yes I, I have a dream

A dream that all nations shall celebrate

And every trace of fear would be gone

And we would join our voices in unity

And sing freedom’s song

This aint the fully song yo…

I can’t remember the title of this song so let’s just call it “Hope”.


Let my thoughts fly on wings swift and golden

Till they light on those hills so cool and restful

Fanned by breezes more tender and gentle

Than in any other land on the earth

Greet the dear banks of Jordan’s river

Those dark ruins of Zion’s fortress

Oh my homeland now distant forever

In my memory always enshrined land of my birth

Harp of gold, fateful harp of our destiny

On the willow now hanging in silence

In our hearts kindle flames of remembrance

Of the once happy days long before

Or in telling the world of our story

Strike your strings with lament and with weeping

Oh my God send our hearts upward leaping

With a song giving us hope yet once more

With a song giving hope yet once more

With a song giving hope yet once more

Giving hope yet once more.

I remember this song being played when I went to watch Carousel at the Barbican Centre and I was almost in tears. Listening to it with all the instruments and those voices was just…….. 

You’ll never walk alone

When you walk through a storm

Hold your head up high

And don’t be afraid of the dark

At the end of the storm

There’s a golden sky

And the sweet silver song of the lark
Walk on, through the wind

Walk on, through the rain

Though your dreams be tossed and blown

Walk on, walk on, with hope in your heart

And you’ll never walk alone

You’ll never walk alone
When you walk through a storm

Hold your head up high

And don’t be afraid of the dark

At the end of the storm

There’s a golden sky

And the sweet silver song of the lark
Walk on, through the wind

Walk on, through the rain

Though your dreams be tossed and blown

Walk on, walk on, with hope in your heart

And you’ll never walk alone

You’ll never walk alone
Walk on, walk on, with hope in your hear

And you’ll never walk alone

You’ll never walk alone

You’ll never walk alone

She taught me this song too…. Can I be a child again

Nostalgia!!! Need to find my flute and start playing the piano again… *sigh*

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Birthday Series (2)

My birthdays in Primary School were fun. Never during exams. Secondary School? Heck no. Always during exams. Even if it was a weekend, I sure had a paper the day the Monday after.

So didn’t do much celebrating. First, the era of going to school in mufti on my birthday was so OVER. Gosh, how would a chic like me do such? That’s so childish.

JSS1, I had like 3 papers that day. Think it was the first day of exams sef so omo, nobody send me o. Called some friends together after sha and shared the cake I brought to school. And drinks.

The JSS2. I think that’s one birthday I always want to forget. My mum always took her annual leave November/December and with all the holidays in between, resumed in January. For some strange reason I assumed it was because of me she took her leave then.

So JSS2, my birthday is a Friday and all through I was thinking she would ask me to invite friends over. Especially considering that the year before, she practically forgot it was my birthday till my father reminded her (by buying my cake *smh*). In my mind, I thought she would make it up to me but alas, she “didn’t”.

Monday, she didn’t say nada. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday morning, nothing. So I go to school as usual, already asked a friend to bake for me and shared the cake with my friends. School closed 12.30 on Fridays. 1pm, mumsie is nowhere to be found. 2pm. 3pm. 4pm. On my birthday, am still in School. Ok o. School was practically empty by then except for a few seniors and some of us juniors (my elder sister and I inclusive and some classmate of mine and his girlfriend who was my sister’s classmate; who was the basis of the gist I got to school on Monday morning to hear). Story for another time.

Mumsie finally shows up at about 5pm and starts apologizing about being called to work (remember she was on leave) for some meeting and goes on about telling someone to make food and she had to buy chicken, she didn’t know the meeting would take that long and on and on… Me, I was just fuming. And she ends with “shey your friends are coming?” Ha! I told her no o and she is like why? Told her I didn’t invite them na, how would I invite people and there won’t be food for them to eat. If she could slap me that day, she would have. So she starts going on and on about what kind of mother I thought she was; even if she didn’t ask me to invite people, did I think my friends would come and they won’t have food to eat? Well, it was too late to invite people. Fortunately, this family friend of mine was in the car. He came over with a couple of other friends and well, they all packed food home o…

As Ayefele said, they ate till they were full and had enough to take away. Then mumsie started packing food for neighbours and other family friends. And made me go with a cousin to drop the food at each person’s house and explain that it was my birthday and I brought food for them. *sigh*. Like that wasn’t enough, I get to school on Monday to hear stories.

JSS3. Same thing. Twas a Saturday or Sunday. One of those days sha. And omo, the house was full. Couldn’t read and I had exams, so quickly packed my load to our Ghanaian hairdresser’s house. Her husband is a teacher and they had this place in their house you could read. No distractions. You people can like to enjoy yourselves ehn. Me, I no dey dia.

SS1. The days of Further Maths and Yoruba exams on the same day. My friends FORGOT… yes.. they forgot my birthday (years after am still very burnt they forgot). All because we had 2 major papers on the same day… (Yoruba was a major paper for most of us o… never mind that most of us were Yorubas; didn’t matter). Not even Happy Birthday dropped from their mouths that morning. After exams nko? Mba. Nofin. Then the day after I start hearing Happy Birthday in arrears. Sorry, we didn’t remember cause of the exams. I made a promise to myself that day to forget each and everyone’s birthday for the next year. Sadly I couldn’t. Got a gift though from one of them after and still have it with me 9 years after. A keyholder with my name on it. Have guarded it with my life. Lol.

SS2 and SS3. No party too. Exams overshadowed my birthday. My friends had no choice than to remember sha….

Then came Uni… Or College….

Our Faith in these

These things shall be

A new generation 

In every land

Of boys and girls shall stand

For brotherhood of man

And service to mankind

And love for truth and peace

From ISI

With one acclaim we pledge 

Our faith in these


The school anthem of a very great school that has produced and continues to produce thousands of great students (Late Gbegi Ojora (a leading industrialist and socialite), Helen Prest Ajayi (Miss Nigeria 1979), Glenn Inanga (pianist), Ifedayo Olarinde (D.J. Freeze of Cool F.M), Najite Dede and Michelle Dede (Nigerian entertainers), Pastor Jide Odulami (of RCCG Jesus House, Port Harcourt, Nigeria), Bosun Adeoti, Opeyemi Ogunlade).. A school that had Late Rev. Illuyomade as Principal…. Enuff name dropping…  A school am very proud of  (even if everybody else thinks otherwise). A school that taught me to be who I am now. Nothing fazes me. There is nothing new under the sun. We have seen that (and some did that in ISI). A school that brought so much joy and tears; from crushes to break-ups; birthdays to deaths; parties and very many activities, how we ever passed in that school I don’t know; Sports day; End of term dance; Miss Z, Victory Dance; Battle of the Sexes; SRC Awards; Student’s Assembly, Juniors Day; the many many club parties, the aristo girls; the UI riots; cultism; vanities; Soiree, Charity Walk…. ISI was just the school to be.

Today marks its 48th anniversary (young school yeah compared to the QCs and KCs, but very much at per with them). Today, thousands of ISI students would dress up for the Out-Off-School Uniforms day (I hope they still do it sha; twas something to look forward to every year). I wish whoever the ISI baby is this year all the best; somehow you never hear about them after that day; did any of them ever finish? I also wonder who the current teacher is that would start telling students we are all hell-bound cause of the Founder’s Day dance is, we had Omitoyin in our days… and quite a number of them… Do we still have Senior and Junior Common? Does Love Lane still exist? Hall A and Hall B? Main Block? Behind Music Room? What went down in those places.. Can’t be written. Heard Uncle Tony is dead. No more Alabi’s Turkey right? Iyawo nko? SS2 block has it finally been completed? Abe Igi? Smitho’s office? Matron’s house? Cafe? “Osun House squad would meet under the Mango”….”Ogun House squad, eyes right”… “Your legs must be at angle 90”. The days of Smitho, Omopariete (Omopariola), Osiyemi (Smokey), Inanga, Ajao, Ojuola (Oju igo), Tejumola, Akanji, Olowe, Parrot O Ajayi.. the list goes on.

Like TK would sing “Go, go ISI, its your birthday, we gonna party cuz its ur birthday….” I so miss that school.

As bad as our uniform was, Rihanna stole it. Lol

Hear a lot of things have changed but for me I would continue to hold my memories of that school dearly. Not gonna let those memories go..

Happy Birthday ISI.. And happy birthday to my dear uncle Bisi.