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What is in a girl’s bag?

I have never had cause to worry when someone wants to check my handbag. Like kini big deal? What is in it that has never been seen right? I have never given much thought to someone looking into my bag. Till today. A colleague dropped her car key with me and nonchalantly, I dropped it in my bag. Fast forward to later in the day. I was at lunch and she needed to move her car. Rather than “disturb” me, she goes to my bag and picks her key. I return from lunch and she tells me she’s picked her key. Three seconds after, I start to “worry” and quickly picked my bag to see what I had in it. The usuals – perfumes, deodorant, lipsticks, lip glosses, biros and pencils, comb, brush, gum, ID card, wallet, hand lotion, hand sanitizer, dental floss, oil control tissue, handkerchief, earpiece, phone charger, pashminas, bank tokens, complimentary card holder and cheque book.

Then I say to myself “you have nothing to fear”. I sat there thinking “when did I get to the worrying when someone looks into my bag” stage? Like it has never happened. Plus when did I start to carry my “whole room” in my bag? Short of seeing panties, bra, tooth paste/brush or dresses in the bag, I can do a sleep over anywhere. And the bag na one small bag. No wonder it always feels heavy. Help please, is this what a typical girl’s bag contains? Pray please, when did I get here?

That said, I have no idea why I feel like a cheat because I use 2 salons. I mean old salon is cheaper, doesn’t fix my hair as good as new salon but I have been using them for so long it just feels awful letting go. And every time I go to old salon, I feel like I am cheating on new salon and vice versa. I try to do a 2 weeks ish. So fix at both every month but it is becoming a chore and weighing on my conscience. Someone please help!!! How do ladies/guys cheat on their partners? It is so hard…..

Why do people always assume a girl has what she has because a man is funding it? I really don’t get it. I can’t buy stuff myself or what?

I am every inch an impulsive buyer – especially when it comes to cupcakes and shoes. I mean there is no better way to say sorry, I love you, whatever you wanna say than sending cupcakes. The kind of life cupcakes give me ehn. Even me I cannot explain. I am sat at work now and seriously craving cupcakes. I think my cupcakes person is out of town. I hope she is able to hook me up with something sha. I only do cupcakes from one person, though though I hear there is a new place (in Victoria Island) that their cupcakes is heaven. I should try them right? Ha ha, I should try BBQ and Cravings too. Anybody been there? Reviews please.

Shoes… where do I start? Before the thing becomes an idol in my life, I have decided to start to give out shoes. Abi? What do ya think?

The Expendables 3 is out. And there is no Chuck Norris or Bruce Willis…. I don’t get. God is watching Sylvester Stallone in 3D. I remember seeing 2 with my cousin and less than half way through, she had dozed off in the cinema. Maybe doze off is a mild word. She was actually really sleeping. *smh*. Time to find a proper cinema partner.

All is well in the world again. Football season is BACK!!!!

Anyways good people, have a lovely weekend before I continue ranting….

N.B: Birthday countdown begins end of the month. Hint hint, there should be a give-away in November, God willing. So brace yourself!!!! *winks*



Happy New Year

Happy new year dearies. I trust the year had been aite so far. It would only get better.

Am I the only excited one?

So I promised to blog about my hair right. Here it is. I was one of those “10 inches no body hair” kind of people. Good length but very scanty and limp. One of those I hate weaving my hair people. If I must not more than 5-6 cornrows. So yeah you can trust I hated having to go weave my hair when I was in Primary School. By Secondary School, when I had a bit more control, weaving was restricted to once a term. Bad idea. Good healthy hair kept in a good enough protective style went bad. As I spent every weekend at the salon under the dryer. Hot dryer. In came dandruff also. Used all sorts of cream and shampoos. No luck. Keeps it under for a while and then it is back itching.

By Uni, weaving had become braiding and that was once a semester. Right before exams and off right after exams. 3-4 weeks and the thingy is off. You can trust that I hated it but had to do it. Still hate braiding my hair but I do it at least twice a year. Yeah to give a different look. Still hair worries persisted. Add the fact that it gets due and in need of a retouch like 4 weeks after the last retouch. Something I can’t remember experiencing when I was doing cornrows jeje. Now, you need to see my hair after a retouch. I am also one of those who likes to play with my hair. You know the “run your hand through your hair” people. Another thing, easy way to make me sleep, play with my hair. Enough stories already. Anyways, after a retouch, hair looks longer, easy to play with but very LIMP. Like if wind should blow now, the thingy is standing. You would never believe I just did something to it. In Uni, you can trust I always had it covered. Never let it out. So comes the weave expenses cuz silly me didn’t reuse weaves.

Long and short? I spent money on my hair to no avail. No result. Buy this cream I buy. Use this, I use. From honey to fanta to hemp to damatol to sulphur 8 to heads and shoulders, bergamot, name it. I have used. I trimmed and trimmed and treated and treated. No result. Then came 2012. I did this braids back in the UK, got to Nigeria about a month after and took it out. I shall upload the picture after my retouch that day (when I have the guts to). I almost cried at the salon. Here I was turning to an iya mi leko. Before my very eyes. My front hair was gone. Annoyingly at the sides. I always admire people on braids and quite unfortunately, I am the only one who does braids at home and ends up with my front hair off. So in “feeling among the braids clique” I ended up an iya mi leko. I couldn’t figure out what to do. Fast forward to about March/April 2013, Just Joxy looks down on me with mercy and mixed this ori (sheabutter) mix and I started applying (I shall also upload the pictures after the mix finished). Gradually, the hair started sprouting. Small small but still not where I wanted it to be.

So I “gave up” and just ignored the hair again and went back to my protective weaves. However I took a decision before then to space my retouching, 4-6 months as against 6-8 weeks. I also have a very soft hair and was advised against retouching often. Then I started working with this babe and we would gist about hair hair hair. Started visiting hair blogs and getting ideas. I took the plunge in December and bought some oils, shampoos, henna and some eroja and it has been fun trust me BUT expensive (I guess initial expenses).

Hair routine for the past 3 weeks-

1. Wash every 2 weeks (I love my weaves and can’t afford to keep my hair down for long cuz of the reasons above) so I keep my weaves for 2 weeks and remove.

2. Do hot oil treatment before a wash, then next wash, do a henna deep condition treatment (which I am doing this weekend) and then hot oil treatment the next wash. So I add the oils, cover it up over night and wash the next morning.

3. Moisture and oil hair EVERYDAY. Yes you heard right. I got a mix of argan, coconut, jojoba, castor, olive and some other oils which I apply every night. Then on Tuesdays, I apply just castor oil, on Thursdays, just coconut oil and hair cream. While I constantly moisture it and massage the hair (especially in front).

4. At last fix, I asked for more space between each layer so I can oil everyday. I would rather you layer the weave on one line than make the space between each layer so small.

5. I plan to clarify once a month. Considering the amount of oil the hair would drink through out the month.

What else do I do? That’s bascially all so far. I hope to see results when I loosen my weave this weekend. I am gonna weave though. Different look tins. One thing though, my hair doesn’t itch often. So yeah, focus is more on front hair growth as against long hair. Because I noticed most of the hair bloggers have great lengths BUT no front or lil front hair.

So there it is. I have been accused on abandoing the blog and asked to take care of my hair. Hence this very long post. The post for the week should come up on Friday. A lot of randoms and ranting as usual.

The good gets shortlisted, the excellent is chased after (paraphrased)- Friend

I am not one to do new year resolutions. In fact, tis one of the things I absolutely won’t do. But I do always know what I want to achieve every year and I write them down and that’s it.

I was encouraged more like asked sef by a friend to do a personal development plan (PDP) and I am just like wow. I know what I wanna do and have the timelines in my head. Just never thought putting it down and all would have the effect it has on me. So I might be off every now and then (I would try not to) cuz of 1 exam or the other.

I am beginning to hate this constant comparison to Olivia Pope I get from people. Oh you sway the way she does. Oh you are like Liv. Oh you are like her cuz you like Scandal. So here it is. I like the Olivia Pope character. And am sure I have confessed I started watching because I had a lot of people raving about the way she dresses (which I like by the way), I tend to excuse quite a lot of her actions (if you have heard me discuss her) BUT this babe aint no Olivia Pope and she isn’t like her in any way.

So yeah, that’s it. I guess this qualifies as my longest post yet (a post which doesn’t include lyrics to a song or any other ish).

Have a lovely day good people and Happy New Year once again.



Agree or not?

Cheating isn’t always kissing, flirting or touching. If you gonna delete text messages so your partner won’t see them, you’re already there- Twitter

Weddings and other tinz

So I was yet again at another wedding yesterday; seems like that’s all I do now right? No worry, going on a break till August. Anyways, for the first time, I actually enjoyed a wedding sermon. Not the long, winding give all the talk they had given during counselling sermons. Oh yes, I have been to a wedding where the Pastor spent 3 hours preaching. Or the headless, tailless sermons. Short and straight. Similar content, just shorter and more interesting. Lesson 1. Keep it short. Those who listen would remember. I for one didn’t take notes but I can remember most of the sermon, a day after, after all the food and dancing.

He spoke about choices and how before exchanging vows, they were in a relationship (I thought the traditional wedding is the real wedding?) Anyways, but once the vow was exchanged, they were now in a covenant with God at the centre and thus have introduced “something” into their bloodline. How a lot of people exchange marital vows week in, week out and months after, end it, “shit” gets real and they blame the devil. No be him o. Na both of you.

Oh and he spoke about 3 things a man wants; sex (which is a taboo in church), food and a wife that doesn’t nag. I wonder though why Pastors find it hard talking about sex in church. Seriously, I think they need to start doing that. Ha! Yes. He said wives should show their husbands they are gifted whilst having sex. He said no matter how tired a man is, if his wife comes out of the bathroom naked, something must happen. True or false? Food; he spoke about how the groom was forbidden from henceforth to be eating indomie. I laughed. Na all bachelors dey chop noodles? I know quite a few guys were dey chop proper food everyday and na dem cook am. Nagging only makes a man hard/harder. Women, listen. Sorry, na the part concern me I highlight.

Anywayz, a lot of the usual stuff was also said, parents should leave the children alone and all. I shalt go into that.

Moving on, I finally caught the akwa oche bug and I think I rocked it sha. Almost didn’t wear it. With the comments I read on bellanaija Thursday night? Fear caught me. I had 2 options, a gown and a lace top + akwa oche. Bet well, I did wear it, and am glad I did. Too much similar looking gowns yo! Which reminds me, when we were younger, there was a stigma attached to wearing akwa oche. No one wanted to be caught in it. Now na fad ba? Fashion and its cycles.

Lesson 2: keep your wedding simple. I am too simple ba? Too much crowd and too many VIPs can keep people from enjoying themselves. Or find someone who can help with the protocol people. The couple had someone who could help but I imagine if they didn’t have someone. I won’t even “enter” into the whose wedding is it anyway debate; parents or the children. Just reach a compromise of it gets that bad. I guess I am just lucky I have a father who I can tell we just want 300 guests and he would agree. And just let you run your show.

Shonda Rhimes is looking for trouble o. If you know her, warn her. Dazall.

In other news, people didn’t take me serious when I said I had a hair mishap. Not even my sisters. Till one of them saw my new “length” yesterday. Well, 7 months of “natural” hair ended today. Relaxed the shege today. And I wanna cry. My hair mishap was worse than I thought. Till December or next year.


New length

In other other news, it is Global Outreach Day next Saturday. Preach Christ to someone.

Have a great week people.

Weddings, wickedness and other things

Ok, this post has no head or tail, so ya all should bear with me. And my editors (you know yourselves), feel free to buzz ehn..

Tis wedding season. Yayyest…. I dunno what people mean by wedding season but I am assuming it is the period between March and December as there aint that much weddings in January and February (I think I prefer to wed either in January, April, September or December though; why, I dunno). So the wedding I have been raving about is a week away and am freaking excited. I dunno o. No bi me ku dey wed. I guess maybe because she is the first amongst my friends from Uni getting married. At least we finally have someone to bell the cat.. I dey wait all my childhood friends. Taking their sweet time yeah? I guess the fact that I get to see people I haven’t seen in almost 5 years also adds to the excitement. I know tis gonna be a very busy and stressful day. Engagement, church and reception all on the same day. I hate being stressed yet I am so looking forward to it. Plus I get to launch my fascinator… Waiting patiently for tomorrow (when I get to pick up my fascinator or facilitator as a dear friend called it; I am sowie, I just had to put that up)… Would put up pictures sha…

And like everybody was waiting for L to lead, got a wedding 2 weeks after that (my cousin), another in May and then a break till August… I mustu buy aso-ebi utunu (not like I like them or would do aso-ebi for mine). I am just all so excited yo!!! The sad part though is the when would you marry?, what happened? questions. *sigh*. I was at L’s bridal shower yesterday (twas very lovely, thanks for asking; lol). The highlight? The screaming. Wow, we have all grown. Low point. The what happened questions. Fortunately, nobody asked me anything till it was over. Tried not to feel too sad sha considering what date it was. Well till I got back home and laid on my bed. *sigh*. Moving on.

Why do we delight in being mean to others? To make life hard especially for the less privileged? We have this lovely lady who cleans the office. Mid-March, she is yet to be paid for February. Meanwhile, the company has been paid since 26th February. We later find out that the money was given to her supervisor and she “decided” to keep it with her. Why? Why?? Why??? To think this lady earns less than 20k. Wickedness. Be nice people. BE NICE.

In other news, I made ugwu today. It has been over 5 months I cooked. I miss living alone yo!!!! I miss having someone to cook for. I hope to continue sha… BBC recipes has become my favourite site now. Wish I found egusi and panla to use. Well, next time. By the way, this is strike 2. You know yourself. Food war. Game on!!!!!

Lagos-20130318-03561 Lagos-20130318-03563

Waiting patiently for my hair ish. You know yourself o. Come and enjoy this heat with us. Am I the only one who finds myself drinking as much as 4 bottles of water in a day? For someone who usually never finished even 1 bottle? This weather is killing me. I gas return to my town. Manchester. I am Mancunian you know? *tongue out*. Heat wave wey no get part 2.

Oh and I have finally passed the “I can’t leave my hair undone for more than a week stage”. I never *tears* thought I would *tears* survive *tears* but here I am, *tears* 3 weeks after *tears* and the saloon no longer appeals to me *big smile* … I hope my weaves won’t waste sha. Should make my wigs this weekend. I pray baby sis doesn’t see this. She thinks I am falling her hand and that I am not “positioning” myself. What does she know?

We live in a very small world. The rate at which I meet someone who knows someone I know these days is getting out of hand biko. I fear I might have been rude to one of my boo’s relatives in the past and it would haunt me. Biko, I apologize to those I have been nasty to in the past o. Took only a picture of L and her boo for me to find out a few other friends knew our in-law.

Like I said, this post no get head or tail. Still have a lot more I wanna post about but I should end here. When would all these bombings stop though?

Oya, over to my editors….

Quick one, Adele or Emeli Sande? Who do you prefer?

Can you move in with your wife?

I had this interesting conversation with a driver at work yesterday. We were at our store and then saw some furniture a woman brought. He then started gisting me about how big her house was, she was single and all. And how he hopes she finds a man, but that men won’t want a made wife. So I asked him if he were a man, would he marry her and move in (because I didn’t see how she would wanna move out of her house, but then what do  I know?). His reply shocked me. He said he would move. I asked again (here is an uneducated man) if his wife built a house or bought a house, would he move in with her and he replied in the affirmative. Hmmmm I thought. I then asked why. He said (now I am paraphrasing because this conversation was in Yoruba) he believes in a relationship/marriage, one of both parties would be richer than the other. If his wife was rich enough to buy/build a house,why shouldn’t he move in with her. He felt if he didn’t it meant he wasn’t happy for her and didn’t want her progress. I was just there with my mouth opened. He said as long as he still had her respect and she wasn’t rubbing it into his nose. He said he would let even his parents and the children know it was his wife’s/their mother’s house. The conversation had me thinking “how many men (African men especially) think like this?”. How many women would own houses and still be submissive and show respect to their husbands.

We hear stories on radio and TV about such issues. My wife built a house she didn’t tell me. She has some money somewhere I didn’t know about. And how it has led to the end of relationships and marriages.

I remember a conversation after house fellowship some weeks back. Well when you attend a fellowship where everybody else is married and you and another lady are the only singles, you get to hear a lot of marriage gists. So this man was talking about how in his OWN house, he felt the cook, house help, drivers and other helps didn’t respect him because they felt he wasn’t the one paying their salaries. Madam collected the money from him and distributed. The helps didn’t know that. So one month, he decided to show them who the man of the house was and withheld salaries for 2 weeks. Well, the end of the story is that they all started to comport themselves. Why did I add this story sef? I dunno.

When did people start calling their fiance/fiancee partners? This young man came to the showroom one day and kept talking about how he needed his partner’s approval before buying anything and all. And as he kept saying partner, I kept thinking “is he gay” or is he co-habiting? I had to ask who this partner was and discovered he was engaged. *smh*.

I said my hair was red right? Sorry, I am colour blind. Tis wine.

IMG-20130305-03420 Lagos-20130305-03422 Lagos-20130304-03419

Some people say it is long. I beg to differ. Shoulder length isn’t long. Well that might be my fault sha. Years of chopping just to make it grow and remove split ends have done “damage” to the length. As per last picture, you see where my issue is now. I need that front to GROW. Help a sister.

Have a great weekend people.