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I am a confam foodie.

Ok. Those who know me know I LOVE food. But I don’t just love food, I love to cook. Sadly, I most times end up cooking and I can’t eat what I cooked, whilst it is still hot at least.

So I was at work on Tuesday and was craving something that had chocolate and hot coffee. Actually I had been craving something chocolatey since Saturday morning. So I stopped at a supermarket, picked up some items and headed home. Got home only ¬†to discover the mixer was bad. Well, with a stiff neck and aching arms, I found a big bowl, omo rogun and mixed my life out. I wee only show you the result. Don’t ask for my recipe.

Chocolate Fudge and Coffee
Heart shaped chocolate fudge

I left work tonight to make ugwu. Well, I was meant to download scandal as soon as I got in but ugwu seemed more interesting. I made this the normal abi na usual way. The only difference from what most people do is I used olive oil rather than palm oil. Looks drab. I wanted to add shrimps but the supermarket didn’t have. And they were charging me an arm and a leg to buy tiger prawns. Now I wish I closed eyes and bought it. The Ijebu in me screamed NO!!!!! Woulda made a big difference. Anyways, I need to make some people hungry this night.




Nicely cut ugwu. I really need to learn to cut this ish myself
Finished work 1. Plain efo
Finished work 2. With egusi
Dished out

Ok. So daz all. You ku no send me make I put food pictures or blog about food right?

On a serious note, what is it about a woman that makes men (close friends, brothers) fight? I was at the salon this evening and as usual, we had to watch African? or Africa Magic (I dunno which one it is biko and sincerely I don’t care what it is called). And the story sha was, two friends like a girl and yada yana. Neither knew it was the same girl (yeah right. You never thought to see your best friend’s girl’s picture at least abi?). Sha and sha, as at when I left the salon these “friends” have gone as far as beating each other and one even killed the other’s body guard. And we started asking ourselves say friends wey grow up together, don dey do business since, moni no separate them, moni no make dem fight, na woman destroy the friendship. *sigh*. Things women can do!!!!!!

Some people wanna spoil Scandal for me…. God is watching you. By the way, am the only one getting bored watching Scandal? There are just days I feel, what the heck, can you get it over with? Like the story is dragging. I had the same feeling about Revenge and I don’t even remember there is a show by that name any longer. Any interesting series to recommend? And please don’t say Suits. Bores the life out of me.

Have a lovely weekend people. And congrats to my friends and cousin getting married tomorrow. God bless your unions.


Doesn’t mean

I don’t know why I woke up this morning in the mood to write. This is the second thingy am writing this morning. Thank God for my pens and books all around me. I quickly jotted this down and went back to sleep (covers face). This weather ehn, na God go help me.


I love cooking

Doesn’t mean am going to make breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday.

I love children

Doesn’t mean I don’t wanna run away from them at times.

I love cleaning

Doesn’t mean I won’t make a mess since in a while and not clean.

I love working

Doesn’t mean I don’t wanna lay in bed 24 hours doing nothing once in a while (okay maybe more than once in a while).

I love being organized

Doesn’t mean you won’t meet me in a very disorganized state at times.

I love “love”

Doesn’t mean I don’t wanna run from it at times.

I love happy endings 

Doesn’t mean am not cynical at times.

I love singing

Doesn’t mean I have the best voice.

I am not perfect

I am just being me.


Oh well, I don’t know what brought about the I am…. Doesn’t mean. Just woke up and started writing. And dozed off again. Lol… This weather please cooperate abeg…

By the way, I have the best voice EVER (in my head).

Now, time to be productive.