Save the boys

A boy is the only thing God can use to make a man- Cal Farley

A large number of families today have lost their boys. Generations on end do not know their fathers. Some who do, don’t know what it means to have a father or be a father. It is every father and I dare say, every mother’s responsibility to save their boys.

From eternity, God’s had a divine plan for families. Phon Hudkins defined the family as the rearing device for our species. God’s plan has always been for families to raise children so the children may be competent and qualified to raise their own children. So what happens when the chain is broken? Satan’s plan is a shrewd one. His focus is to lure man away from his God given responsibilities. So instead of being a one-woman man, he has multiple partners. This model of manliness has thus been passed down to generations.

In this chapter, Steve discusses what the typical Jewish family structure and what entailed in the olden days. Once a son was between the ages of five and seven, the responsibility for his care was passed on to his father. The son either learnt to farm or whatever his father’s trade was. This way, fathers and their sons had a close relationship. They modeled their lives after their fathers. Men raised their boys.

Three words changed the whole dynamics; the Industrial Revolution. He went on to explain how the revolution kept men away from their homes for long hours. As such, raising sons was left to the mothers. Prior to the revolution, life was built around the home. Men and women worked at home. Post revolution,work was moved outside the home, at times to cities far from home. Fathers started having less time with their children. And Less Time = Less Influence. He then discussed the influence of a father and a primary principle for fathering.

Error increases with distance- Steve Farrar

One statement he made that stayed with me when discussing how sons modeled their lives after their fathers was while talking about his father, he said “it is safe to say that each of these men not only love his wife, but likes her. They’re not just in love, they’re in like”.

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