Real Men Don’t

Real men save their boys.

And in saving their boys, real men don’t commit adultery.

We live in a world of double speak. Everybody is trying to be politically correct. We don’t want to offend each other by what we say. We sugar coat things. We refuse to call a spade a spade. Would rather call it a hoe. Adultery (read also fornication) is a epidemic affecting not just the secular world but also the church.

Steve calls adultery treason. I agree, In our double speaking world, we call it an affair. When a man leaves his wife and children for another woman and acts impulsively as an aroused junior high kid on his first date, it is not an affair. It is adultery.

Real men (and women) keep their commitments. Real men don’t have affairs because they are responsible. Even when their personal needs are not being met the way that they would hope. An affair is an escape from reality, or a search for meaning outside the marriage (relationship). Considering that fact that this book was first written in 1990 and updated in 2003, it is safe to say that things are getting worse.

How do affairs begin? Discontent. Things have changed. It is no longer the way it used to be. He/she no longer understands me. We are just so apart. Distance creeps in. The thrill is no longer there. You then find that man/woman who “understands” you. Who is ready to listen to you. Let’s all remember that every marriage (relationship) has it down times and if a man (woman) doesn’t recognize his/her increased vulnerability during these phases, he/she is sure to get himself/herself in the deep weeds. You would notice I use both sexes. I believe this chapter applies to both males and females.

He gave a few questions an individual should ask him/herself to determine if the hook of adultery (fornication) is lodged in your emotional jaws. He discussed the need for retreat in a battle. Flee immorality. Back off. Stop doing things that would bring both of you in contact. In reality, the person seems to understand you because he/she is only seeing your strong points as against your spouse/significant other who sees both weak and strong points. Never think you are strong. We need to stop lying to ourselves and say “I can handle it”. We can’t.

A relationship can be sexual long before it becomes erotic- Alcorn

Have you every noticed how many men in the Bible failed in the second half of life? This is precisely what happened to David. That is why we should never deceive ourselves into thinking we are somehow above sexual sin. Adultery (fornication) is the ultimate hoax.  Real men protect themselves against adultery. They think seriously about the consequences of such an act.

Real men don’t commit adultery. A real man sticks with one woman.

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