Point Man (How a man can lead his family)

I am a fan of books that centre on the male folk. Not because (and I definitely won’t be) I want to be the man in my marriage but because growing up I realized a lot of books focused on women (and a lot still focus on women). So when I see a book focused on men, I buy and read.

Heard about Point Man in church and finally found and bought a hard copy in December. Started reading it during the week and oh boy, despite the fact that this book was written some 24 years ago, the points raised are very much present with us now, on an even larger/bigger scale. May God help our men.

As an intro, I would just paste what is on the back of the book.

Lead and your family would follow.

Most men would die for their families, but will they live for them?

Steve Farrar challenges men to take their God-given positions on the front lines of the battle, to fight for their family’s health and survival.

Point Man is a trustworthy roadmap through parenthood, the seasons of marriage, personal temptation, and forging a life of faith in the midst of a corrupt culture.

It is a Herculean task to lead a family says Farrar, but if you respond to the call of Christ to become the point man, He will buttress you, bolster you and empower you in His limitless, unfailing strength.

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