The Illogical GOD

I was at Digging Deep yesterday and a visiting Pastor led the service. While he was teaching on devotion and being planted in the house of God, he spoke about how his mother met Christ before she had him (she was his father’s second wife) and decided to restitute i.e. leave her husband. This led to his father abandoning them and they had to live in stores and stuff for a while i.e. they were so poor, they couldn’t afford N30 to pay for an accommodation. But still, with all the hardship, they were always found in church. Not even torn clothes prevented them from serving God. Long story short, by age 6, he was already preaching. By JSS 3, he had built a house for his mother to leave. And logical me screamed HOW?

Service ends and I realized a few of us had questions. So the person who invited him plays a video of the Pastor truly in his teens preaching in the UK and goes on to explain how God blessed him as a child through people he ministered to – people sponsoring his trips to the UK (he attended the local parish of a big church in the East and he became quite popular) and giving him money which obviously because he really had no use for the money, he built his mother a house. I got home and completely forgot this. The only thing that I remembered thinking about before sleeping was how God honours those who honour Him.

Woke up this morning and as I was brushing my teeth, last night came to mind again and how I screamed how inside me. And I was reminded of Uncle Thomas who needed evidence before he believed Jesus really was ALIVE. I also needed evidence because in my mind, I’m like Pastor, you cannot be lying but still this makes absolutely NO SENSE. And God reminded me of the many Hows people have asked and how truly and indeed, He uses seemingly foolish things to confound we who think we are wise.

How do you explain a 66 or is it 68 year old woman who delivers? Even if IVF. Do we forget the many IVFs people did, yet died without having children? How do we explain a 51 year old woman who gets married at 50 and got pregnant naturally? And many more… HOW?

As I thought about it, I remembered some instances in the Bible where people asked How and God’s reaction (He will always have mercy on whom He would).

Genesis 18:12 So she laughed silently to herself and said, “How could a worn-out woman like me enjoy such pleasure, especially when my master—my husband—is also so old?”  Yet God ignored her and went ahead to do what He would do, with no consequences for her.

Luke 1:18 – Zechariah said to the angel, “What proof is there for this? I’m an old man, and my wife is beyond her childbearing years.” And he was made dumb

Luke 1:34 – Mary asked the angel, “How can this be? I’m a virgin.” No consequences

John 20:29: Then Jesus told him, “Because you have seen (heard, seen evidence, touched etc.)* me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”

I asked and still asking myself:

–  Was there a way Mary asked how that was different from Sarah and Zechariah? Or was it the “level of doubts” that was different?

– How do we ask the question HOW without doubting? If that makes sense

– We were created as logical beings. How do we drop logic in the face of the many false prophets and pastors around? Normal human instinct is to rationalize, think, run it by logic. As Christians, how do we do this without doubting? Then I remember we have the Holy Spirit to teach us all things. We were enjoined to be like the Berean Christians. So why do we have a lot of the extremes? Those who don’t think at all and just follow what pastors say and those who run everything by logic.

I don’t have the answers… Maybe someone here would.

The ways of our God defiles all forms, types, shades etc. of logic… No matter what we think or believe we know. On our own, we cannot comprehend.

Note: Words asterisked – my addition!!!

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