Not sure I am back but errr

4 years and a month after, I am preparing to close a chapter of my life working in one of the Big 4s and I must confess it has been an interesting experience. I look back at the skills I have acquired and how I am able to tweak my CV to suit any role I apply for – something I won’t have gained working in the industry alone. Or do I talk about how it has finally helped me to decide what path to pursue? How it has helped me come to terms with my other passions?

I applied to one of the Big 3s in the UK and then decided to return to Nigeria in 2012 after a year off doing my Masters. Since I couldn’t continue with my UK application, I applied to a Big 4 and a leading Technology Consulting firm (both global organizations) and the wait was a nightmare. About 2 years down the line, I finally get into the blue side of the Big 4 after a 10 month stint in a Tier 1 Bank in Nigeria. And the journey began. The late nights, the no sleep days, the good, the bad, the ugly. The tears, the laughs, the smiles. The “office relationships” or not – some won’t believe this never happened. The amazing hang-outs and events. The days you just wanna punch the wall – or someone. Above all, I am wise now… Older and wiser… Powerpoint and Excel became my friends. I learnt how to mix colours by force. I became a “Graphics Designer”, learnt to cage monkeys… the list is endless.

In the last few months since I decided I needed to change jobs, I have seen myself apply and get offers for HR, IT PMO, Change Management, Corporate Communications/ Services roles across various industries. I have been asked to send my CV for a Business Process Manager role. All because of the type of experience I have garnered and the types of engagements I have done.

I have interacted with junior and senior management staff from the FS Industry to Logistics to Telecoms to Government. I have met some of the most amazing people at work and at client sites, built skills I never thought I would have, bossed meetings *smiles* etc. I could only have gained that working in a Consulting firm. I am glad I took the “risk” to walk this path when some thought I was “mad” – how do you leave a Banking job, take a pay cut to get into the Consulting industry. I guess it has paid off at the end!!!

Looking forward to the new chapter starting June. I am hoping it affords me more time to focus on my mentorship and volunteering programmes and of course – business…

Realized it’s been over 2 years I posted… Well hope I am back for real. I do miss writing though… Shout out to those who still visit the blog. I do get the emails regularly.. Gracias! Thank you.

Now preparing for the many Whatsapp messages that would hit my phone once this post drops…


2 thoughts on “Not sure I am back but errr

  1. Deronkkkkk!

    So good to read from you, I was one of the many that came up to see if maybe you’d change your mind and grace our screen with your words.

    It’s been different since I’ve been back and I miss all the comradery, the back and forth across all our little corners from AngelsBeauty to Tizzle’s Voice to Hitnrunmullings to Thiking in Methaphors, Bymide and finally Coral & Caramel Drapings. I however understand the change in seasons we’ve all been through but it will be great to revive what we had going…

    Wow! What an adventurous 4 & some years it has been. Congratulations and wishing you more wisdom for journey you start in June.
    Hehehe I will be one of those to reach out to you via whatsapp soon. 😀

    1. Babes!!!!

      I miss the site and everybody o but to sit down and write something ehnnn… Now I kinda have a lot to write about. Sending you my details in a bit.

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