I think it’s time to go…

Is it really over between us two

Why don’t you love me the way I still love you

So many mistakes made. In so little time….

I started blogging because yes I do love to write. So yeah I took up blogging and all and enjoyed writing here. It was a whole lotta fun

BUT… Seems that “love” has died. Not the love for writing. I just can’t make out that time to write about things I love or things I want to say. At times, I have it all written out in my head but just won’t post. And….

I wonder at times if a lot of us took to blogging to escape? Because we really do want to write or connect with people? Because that is/ was the in-thing?

I realize a lot of people I met on here ain’t even blogging no more or blog once in like 5 months (I am also guilty of this). My blog anniversary was February 10 and I completely forgot. Sure this blog is just here looking at me “like seriously? You forgot my birthday?”

So I have decided, just maybe here isn’t “made” for me. Just maybe it’s time to go….

While here I have met amazing people- Joxy of JustJoxy who has become my big sis, Angelsbeauty/ Justdoitmum, Singlenigerian and Zingerthots (all four I have gone on to meet in real life and become friends with), 1+the one (still owe you that Digging Deep service) and many more. I really appreciate your help and friendship. Love you guys

But it’s time to call it a day and move on. You likely won’t see me here anymore. It was fun while it lasted.

I spend more time on IG, Twitter and Orbi and have decided to move HitnRunMullings there. So ya all can catch me on IG and Twitter using HitnRunMullings – which will be my “public” page while my current IG and Twitter handles remain private. Maybe we’ll add Facebook at some point but for now, we’ll be on IG and Twitter.

Thank you all. Ese pupo.


2 thoughts on “I think it’s time to go…

    1. Ah ah not sure I have a choice. Spend so much time on IG, Twitter and Facebook these days I practically forget I even have a blog.

      Lol @ we can still gist. Many avenues sef

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