Pastor Adeboye instructed us to have a book of thanksgiving this year. Daily/ weekly/ monthly we recorded things God has done for us. I did this religiously for about 2 months and err updated once in a green moon.

It is less than 48 hours to the end of 2015 and I must say this has been an eventful year. Beautiful in a whole lot of ways. More than I could ever have thought it would be.

Where do I start?

  1. The support system God has blessed me with. From my parents, to my sisters to my brothers to my friends both online and “offline”. The Joxys and Angelsbeautys and Zingers and Single Nigerians of these world. Friends I could turn to. Friends I could call. Friends to comfort, correct, advise. Friends to check up on me. Friends to encourage….
  2. My HoD in church… One in a million. I must have bothered the man more than anybody else this year and through it all…
  3. My house fellowship… ever praying for “this me” o
  4. My department in church… most especially for new friends. I was out of church for about 5 months. And I returned like I never left. Even when the department had practically been overtaken by newbies. Ah ah they accepted me as their oga *hehehe*
  5. My job. As stressful and annoying as it can be. I made a whole lotta friends this year at work more than I have ever anywhere else I have worked. And it was just funny. I joined mid year last year hence missed a promotion year. So I am on the same level of those who joined 3-6 months earlier. Surprisingly, even when I was a year ahead of them, shy me somehow jelled with them and we become friends. So when the promotion ish happened, it was like we had always been friends. Only just realized how hard it would have been if we weren’t already friends when I saw a few guys who missed this last promotion and became mates with us. It has been very hard for them to click with “our set”. I woulda been a loner/ that “junior” who is friends only with “seniors” and managers. And in the farm we are in, mehn those juniors are so important o…
  6. For answered prayers concerning changing my unit at work. Mehn I had given up trying to get a change of unit. When I least expected and wasn’t even thinking about it any longer, it finally happened
  7. For new friendships, for friendships that became stronger
  8. For friendships that had to end. It was so necessary they ended as hard as it was to put a stop to them. But looking back, I am so glad I made the right choice
  9. For journey mercies. Can’t be overemphasized. I travelled this year more than I have in a long time
  10. For weddings. I mean 5 family weddings in a year. Could only have been God. For friends who got married. Most of which I couldn’t attend sadly. You can’t have 5 family weddings + my job and still have the strength and time for other weddings except you are just a natural party junkie. I shall make up next year. *inserts rotflmao smiley*
  11. For the sisters and brothers I gained via marriages… 3 sisters, 2 brothers……
  12. For provision (please see number 9). Weddings and money. Oh boy!!!
  13. For my hair…. Instagram and my room haf hear it
  14. For our 2nd first class grad in the family. We bad like that
  15. Do I talk about healings? From my dad who took ill sometimes in May. And boy was I scared. I was major scared. Back to number 1. My support system. Asides family, having a few friends pray along was so so uplifting and encouraging. Thanks again Joxy
  16. For Nigeria. You have no idea how scared I was this time last year. Reports of war and break-up were rife. Fear later become faith by end of January and I was so convinced this country wouldn’t fall apart. And thank God we are together. With all our many issues, war isn’t something to pray for. If you never watched Blood Diamonds, please watch Beasts of No Nation. And get every thought of break-up/ war outta your heads
  17. Ah, how can I forget going to Camp for Congress. I have always longed for an opportunity to attend Convention or Congress but in my 6 years work experience, it just has never happened. Fast forward this year. My holiday had been scheduled for the whole of November, but as God will have it, my SM moved it to start 3 Dec. Meaning I could be at camp *yayyyy*. The forces that be almost won’t allow. Everyone I planned to go with cancelled on the first day so I was stuck watching on TV for the first 3 days. But God moves in ways we cannot imagine. I was able to attend Thursday and Friday. Live and direct
  18. For restoration on all sides.. and many more to come….
  19. For the ability to make the right decisions… This alone is worth a post of its own
  20. I had the best birthday in a long while… From the week before to the Saturday after… From the cakes (and thanks to my mystery cake sender o, just in case you see this) to the “after party”
  21. For the birthdays and weddings I have between February and May 2016. You got no idea… Baba, more money please….
  22. For friends who had babies this year.. One after 7 years of marriage… Others within a year of marriage

I can go on and on…. All in all, I can only say I have many reasons to thank God for 2015… Beautiful year it was…. Beginning of the more beautiful years to come. Do have a wonderful 2016 good people…



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