Of Cyberbullying, Hating and Social Media

This is one post I have planned to write for a while now because I don’t just get this “Haters”, “You have a differing opinion therefore you must be a hater” concept all over social media. And at this stage … the anger I feel most times when I see such comments online, I get tempted to just disappear from all social media. Maybe fortunately I have  always had my pages – Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr e.t.c private, and as I am not a Celeb, such comments  don’t get to my page but come on… these other guys are human too o!!!!

What is cyberbullying? – “the use of electronic communication to bully a person, typically by sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature”; “the act of harassing someone online by sending or posting mean messages, usually anonymously”.

I do a lot of sniffing and looking and visiting social media and other new media channels and it is utterly disgusting the kind of comments people post a lot of times forming Anonymous or using fictitious names and they feel fulfilled typing such and posting it.

Take a look at half of the comments on say a Bellanaija or a “celeb’s” IG. You see people dissipating so much energy just because person B has a different view.  A year or 2 ago, such people were labeled haters and we all moved on. Now you see comments upon comments and replies upon replies (insults and name calling) just to “correct the person” or ensure the person “aligns” with your view. Like I have no right to my opinions anymore.

Truly some comments can be read and interpreted as “bad belle” comments but I really don’t see who made the other person the judge hence you have to correct to the extent you begin to insult. If you think you must correct an impression or opinion, there are more civilized ways of doing it that won’t degenerate into insults and name calling.

I think the earlier we realize that everybody has a right to their opinions the better.

  1. If someone has a different opinion it necessarily doesn’t mean they are hating.
  2. If you think the person’s opinion is wrong, you don’t need to resort to “bullying”. You can correct people without bullying or insulting them
  3. It is not every opinion/ view/ comment you have you must post. So I see a bride on her wedding day and I think the MUA didn’t do a good job, there is no law that says I must post a comment that the MUA did a horrible job or the bride looked ugly. Keep such comments to yourself
  4. Learn to respect other people’s feelings and look at things from different angles. Thou shall not be stuck up and think you are always right

There are days I wish we are in a Turkey or China where usage of new media is controlled.

Happy Sunday

2 thoughts on “Of Cyberbullying, Hating and Social Media

  1. for example, in response to your post: “if you’re uncomfortable with it, you can relocate your yeye self to China na.” I have freedom of expression, even to insult you

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