Dear husband

Dear husband, please get Timi Dakolo to perform Iyawo Mi for our first dance.
While you are at it, get Obiwon to perform Obi Mu.
I mean I want both of them live.
No DJ, no band forming they can sing better than Timi or Obiwon.

Thank you.

Frankly I did not intend to post but for the last few days I go to bed with Iyawo Mi playing in my head and then I remember how I used to love Obi Mu.

Maybe the many weddings I have in the next 3 months have me all emosh.

Sat here at the gas station trying to get fuel with both songs on repeat. Not my fault.

Happy new year people. Hopefully I won’t be away for so long again



8 thoughts on “Dear husband

  1. Please don’t stay too long! My list of songs to be played at my wedding keeps getting longer and longer. I hope there would be enough time to play it all. Welcome back! How far with your hair journey?

    1. Lol. Well selection ni way forward. Play some as dancing into reception song. A couple for first dance and others for after party.

      Hair journey: I coloured my hair. *giggles*

  2. Hi!!!!! My friend is back! I love those songs! New one by Sean Tizzle is tickling my fancy😂 please post more frequently! Hugs and kisses

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