Bestest Month of the Year

Yipeeeesssss. It is that month of the year again!!!!

I guess by now everybody knows how I get excited once it is November. So indulge me.

Before I continue, happy birthday in advance to my November sisters – Angelsbeauty and Tee. May God continue to bless and keep you. May His face continue to shine on you. Many many many more years in the land of the living. Your husbands shall delight in you always :). And your children shall arise and call you blessed (yes storing in advance). Do have as much fun as you can on the 16th and 18th.

So…. In about 23 days, I will be a few… ok three years short of 30 and I spent most of the weekend thinking about my pre-30 plans. What I had planned to achieve and where I am at the moment – career, family and all and I find myself not even up to 50%. So I have decided things mustu change this coming year. Starting with yearly holidays, getting a double next year, plans are already shaping up. Scratch any exam. Money saved from now on is going into – holiday, business and investments. When the returns start to roll in, we do that MBA we have been planning for. Mehn I have been living a very boring life. Time to get this babe rolling.

I usually woulda done a say 30 days put up a new pic on BBM or like last year do a Tuesday Tuesday post. Bet mehn this year… I think I am getting too old for all that.

Moving on. Since Mr. SF has found this blog, I def aint resting again. 26 views in one day? Sure you thought I won’t know. *smh*. This is your shout out.

Hmmmmm, hair stories. Did this Ghana weaving (I don’t learn right?) that has damaged the small hair we are trying to grow. Got tired of fixing and thought I should have a new look. Well, the result was bad but not so bad sha. Thank God. Now I am seriously considering doing wigs. I need my hair to breathe. That said, a certain mamacita aka sexy mama aka JA owes me wigs right? You know yourself…. God is seriously watching you

Something about this season and weddings. Can’t wait to put on my dancing shoes and rock ’em parties. Some pre-birthday weekend turnup!!!!!

Btw, I think I am the only one that still watches #Scandal.



12 thoughts on “Bestest Month of the Year

  1. Birthday wishes back at you sister! I need to catch up on scandal, that’s my birthday present to myself.

    As for hair, stay away from Ghana weaving! Me sef weaveone cut my hair but it was probably because of hair j left at the parting. I braid mostly now and it works for my but I loosen the front before it breaks. And mo authorise the front daily. I guess different things for different people. Good luck xxx

    1. Staying off o. Just wanted something different. My front hair aint got d strength for braids too. So staying with my weaves and now top consideration – wigs

  2. My sweetie!!!!!!! Whooop! Our month is here! And you remembered! Uber touched mehn! Lol. I still watch scandal. But now the scales have fallen from my eyes. Olivia is greedy, eating from two pots😂😂. Wishing you all the happiness this month and the rest of the year has to offer dear.
    PS. About this hair life. My hair has cut! I’ve had no time to take care of it. I’m ordering a wig asap!

  3. Babez, na wa oh, can you add regular posting on your blog as part of the things you need to change? Thats by the way.
    I thought I was the only one loosing the hair we tried all year to go. I am trying to salvage what is left of the growth I gained.
    Please invite us to the party if any. Catch ya later

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