Eye of the tiger….

Absolutely random title. But as I am sat here listening to  Katy Perry’s Roar.. I never used to be a fan but for some reason, this song sits well with me. And her antics in the making of the video? Hilarious.

Anyways, 39 days gone of 100 days and I don’t have much updates.

1. Watched 3 out of 4 movies I planned to watch. So Expendables, Lucy and God’s not dead (amazing movie)

2. Initiated the process of hooking up with an old friend. He called out of the blues. Like he knew I had a “bucket list”. Lol

3. Started my Shakespeare reading. Not finished even 1 book sha

4. Learnt only 1 new word. *sigh*. And guess the word – flapdoodle. *smh*

5. Ha ha, blind date. I apparently don’t have friends willing to hook me up. Except 1 who started the convo and “bailed”

6. Def not started reading for my exam

7. And everything else is on 0%. Not even initiated yet sef. That bad

Hope the next 61 days will be better.

I am a bit (ok, I lie). I am very much an old soul. I wish a lot of times I was born in the 50s/60s. Don’t ask me why, cuz me sef I don’t know. So I always “collect” songs from way back (if songs written even in the 90s count). Hence I do love to watch a lot of music shows. The Voice being number 1. And the end of every show means I am downloading songs…. Which kain life be this? So this is the song for the week

Oh and I as I have been carrying last on Sam Smith, I am doing the needful. How come nobody ever told me?

In other news, Scandal is berk!!!! Olivia is BACK!! Excited much….

Busy week and month ahead… So I won’t be on here much… Don’t miss me…

Funniest quote I have seen in a while..

When your ex texts you after months “Hey, what’s up”… Not today Satan, not today






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