100 days of…. Or 101….

It is my birthday in about a hundred and six days. Yes… it is that time of the year again… I guess everybody knows how I feel about my birthday… So!!!!!

As usual, I do a 30 days ish either posting pictures, things to be grateful for, things I will like to have/own and all. This year, I choose to do a 100 days ish (God helping me).

So what is in my “bucket list” for the next 100 days (starting on the 18th)? Even worse I have been forced to go on vacation before I planned to. And it starts on the 18th….

100 days of just having fun! 100 days of being less rigid, open and more flexible and relaxed! 100 days of conquering my fears! 100 days of letting my hair down

  • By the time the 100 days is up, I will like to have seen at least 4 movies. Nothing’s gonna hold me back – movie partner or not
  • Reconnect with at least 5 old friends and make 2 new friends
  • Learn at least 20 new words
  • Read at least 2 Shakespeare books – top on the list are Macbeth and Merchant of Venice
  • Read Pride and Prejudice again (and maybe Tess of the d’Urbervilles) and re-watch all the BBC adaptations
  • Read a book or 2 on leadership and business. It has been a while I have read any book. Or visited Laterna
  • Finish C.S Lewis’ The Four Loves
  • Start to exercise again
  • Maybe learn to swim
  • Go on a blind date. As my friends will not let me rest on this man matter, maybe I should just allow one of them – the most persistent (as she is even chatting me now sef on this matter – not replying) allow me breathe
  • Overcome my fear of heights and water
  • Study my Bible more and spend more time praying
  • I was going to add “get to level xxx on Candy Crush” here but………….
  • Start to study for my exam (and hopefully register)
  • Do a 100 days fast? Some people will “die” on my behalf
  • Quit doodling. I wish

I would have loved to do a “100 days of no weaves – just me and my hair” BET, emi mi o gbe. My hair never reach that stage

I think I have enough activities to last 100 days right?

With bff 2 moving to Canada and another friend going to school there, my holiday destination seems to be increasing – Fiji Island or Maldives (or maybe both), Cyprus and now Canada. I still reserve the Bahamas for a trip with the man. Hehehe

That said, I did try BBQ and Cravings on Sunday. If you live in the Lekki – Argungi area, and you haven’t tried it, you are on a long thing o. Seriously!!! BBQ and Cravings is opposite House on the Rock. House on the Rock is at the 4th roundabout. Not far from the Conoil Station. Thank me later!!! And send some ribs and gizzard my way.


Official Video is OUT

If you haven’t heard about Mosa, now you know.

Stay Ebola free

4 thoughts on “100 days of…. Or 101….

  1. Yayy!!! My fellow November sumborrrrryyy! I have been reading your posts and all o, but haven’t had time to comment because of school and all. Yay!@ making new friends! *batting my eyelids frantically* I should totally start posting stuff on my blog too, all the things you said you wanna do, I want to do them as well. Lol! Anyways, just thought to holla. I know this comment is so random! But I must post today. Lol! Take care hun!

    1. Yes o. November babies.

      Pele. How is school? Blogging can be a chore o. There are days I am like wo, just don’t bother. Lol.

      Thanks for buzzing. And do take good care.


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