The journey continues

So 4 months post last relaxing and 6 months of using oils and the likes, this is how far we – my hair and I have come. Like I said in my last hair post, it hasn’t been easy and def not growing as fast as I want to but I thought I needed to share some pictures to encourage someone. I am sure if I dig through post from last year or the year before, I would find pictures of my hair length (after I last cut it) and you can compare with now.

20140516_235144 20140516_234631 20140516_233834

More importantly, things I have learnt that have helped me:

1. Know your hair type

2. What works for one person would most likely not work for you. Hence the need to start small. I started with just ori (shea butter) and castor oil (and an oil mixture – almond, olive and the likes). I added henna at some point. Now I have included ACV (apple cider vinegar) and only last week bought peppermint oil. It can be argued that just maybe if I followed the blogs’ recipes, maybe I would have added an inch or 2 monthly hence about 6-12 inches now. BUT. At the same time, I can argue the other way

3. If you are using henna, ensure you don’t mix until you are ready to apply. If the colour changes so much from the usual green to like dried leaf green, please don’t use. Also I think shea moisture conditioner is a very good conditioner to use and also to mix when henna when you want to use it

4. For those of us that like weaves, ensure you moisture or oil your hair in the mornings. Don’t for any reason add oils your hair at night. This destroys the weaves, makes it look limp and just generally looks horrid. I for a while always wondered why after a few days (I usually don’t oil by scalp within the first week of fixing), my weaves look funny and limp. I guessed that could be the reason but never confirmed. Tested the theory and it is so true. If you oil before sleeping, it seeps into the weave (as your head is to the pillow or bed as the case maybe). Oiling in the morning however gives the opportunity for it to enter well well without affecting your weave

5. Castor Oil surely works

What else… as things progress I shall be updating ya…

Happy Fathers’ Day to the fathers, to-be fathers, fathers in waiting (lol) and the usually forgotten ones – single fathers. Year in, year out, single mothers get prayed for and all the works yet seems everybody forgets that there are some fathers raising their children ALONE either because mum is gone or dead. I am wowed when I hear stories such as a man raising 4 children – sons (triplets + an elder brother) alone. Never remarried. Just dedicated to raising godly young men. Anyways, Happy Fathers’ Day.

With Suits back and 24….. My weekends just got busy…..

Do have a great week ya’all



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