Monthly Archives: April 2014

I never see….

I have seen and heard orisirisi but nothing prepared me for these ish:

I hear the madam did a cover for Drunk in Love too.

And these had me awwww-ing:

Pharrell’s hat though… Vampire tinz

Nigerians have taken pre-wedding shoot to another level o.. Abi which one is wedding shoot inside pool. I personally think it is overrated.

Scandal oh scandal. Kerry just had to get pg ba? And talking about pregnancy. Am I the only one who gets “scared” at times of getting pregnant? I think would I be the spitting type? God forbid. Or the throwing up type? Or the lazy one? I see a lot of pg women these days and it is just worrying the way they look….. *sigh*

The strife is over. Song that came to mind since last Monday and has been on my mind since then. Maybe it is because of the season… Maybe it is something else I dunno. But I am glad whatever it is, it is over….

And if you haven’t read this post and the others on the topic, you are on a long tin…

When would people learn that if you retire, and the “un-retire”, you would likely fall into disgrace