Blogging live from tha sick bed

It sucks being sick

Seriously sucks. Came down with malaria on Tuesday.  Like my mum says “I allowed it enter me”. And as I didn’t have the strength to drive to the hospital that night – part justification for what you would read next, I found a drug and used it. Now my not going to the hospital was majorly because it was night. I was not ready for anybody to tell me “she needs to be admitted”. It is easier going during the day. If dem wan observe, they have the whole day to abi?

Anywayz I used this drug called artequick. True to its name it worked quick quick. I started sweating and all the usual and I was happy. I should be able to go to work tomorrow. So I thought. Wednesday morning, no temperature,  no malaria signs, stand up from the bed and it was like something knocked me out. I was dizzy.  I couldn’t stand for a minute. Whaow. Just went back to bed and slept the whole day. Woke up later in the day feeling better. Ate and took the next dose of artequick.  Same same. Felt better. Woke up this morning and if yesterday was dizzy. Today was all shades of weak. Like someone drained my blood overnight.

Plan B, go to the hospital. Get in to see the doctor and I go blah blah happened on Tuesday I got this drug called artequick. Doctor interjects: you are strong o. At that point I knew I was in trouble. I finish my story and she confirmed the weakness comes with the drug and till it is completely washed out of my system I would be so weak. Wahala. Who approved the drug? And why is it being sold?


Don’t get me started about nurses. I come to your hospital barely able to stand and you tell me you need to weigh me, get my height and all. And am thinking can I just see a doctor? To finish the go here do that ish you ask me to pee in a bottle. At that point I was this close to snapping. Kept my cool and calmly told her I aint doing that. Aint nobody got time for that. I need to see the doctor. Really? You would rather say I faint because you need to have your records complete?

Now I am meant to lay down for 2 days and not do anything but eat food, eat fruits, drink water and juice because I want to flush a drug outta my system.

It just bloody sucks. I hate the feeling of inadequacy that comes with not feeling good. You freaking can’t do nada. The I can’t do ABC not because I don’t want to but because I don’t have the strength to. What am I meant to do for the next 2 days? Last time I had malaria was 8 years ago, May 2006. 2 weeks before I had chicken pox. Yes I remember it clearly. Finished with malaria and in my restlessness to get back to work (staying at home alone kills) I resumed a day before I was meant to. Only to go on a call with a colleague that had chicken pox (early stages and he was coming to work – wickedness).

Please advise. What do I do for the next 2 days? I kent just be sleeping o.


16 thoughts on “Blogging live from tha sick bed

  1. Lol ok not funny. Na wa for nafdac o! Thank God you didn’t take more. Our people too like shortcut boy only artequick!

    Watch movies and series jare.

  2. Aww, sorry to read that your are feeling unwell (with your sense of humour still very much intact hehe).. I pray you get well soon..
    What to do for the next 2 days? Take the Doctor’s advice, just rest! 😀 xx

  3. And I was just watching ‘an african city’ and the babe got someone coming back from US to bring a drug for her, because she wasn’t sure of the drugs being sold in Africa. Sigh. Regulation is something else in this our country oo. Anyways, I usually take ‘agbo’ for malaria. No jokes. Haha. Have a good rest and drink lots of water and enjoy the love that everyone will shower on you. Hugs x

    1. I hate hate hate agbo. Only had it once all my life and I felt “just kill me”.

      As for regulation, I tire. We have a weak system.

      And I really did enjoy the showers of love. Even the parents…. Hehehe. Felt like a child again. Wish I can be sick again… Without the pains and discomfort sha

  4. Yeah, like said earlier, different tolerance levels. Took mine and within ten minutes, I was on my feet with no symptoms at all. Twas really great to finally have a quick malaria dissolving solution.
    As for your weakness and dizziness, your body is susceptible to hard drugs, I really do hope you’re never drugged by bad people cause your case could be very severe.
    Just take 2 pillows, fresh peeled oranges and snacks and snuggle up on the couch with a comedy or adventure movie (*not Nigerian o), am sure you’ll have good time.

    1. Lol. As in. I am very watchful when I go out o… Nobody mixing drinks for me biko….

      Thanks for stopping by.. Finally got to reading the comments a year after.

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