Been long you saw me…..

Lol. Didn’t realize I hadn’t logged in here in a very long while….

Logged in and saw a whole 58 views on the 2nd of March. Had to check twice to be sure I hadn’t posted something in my sleep (or maybe someone did for me). Abi? How do you explain 58 views a month after your last post (almost a month).

In a very chessy, awww-ing mode this morning. Tuned in to my favourite radio station this morning to hear them play the bestest songs at the moment… All of me and Beneath your beautiful…. Can’t stop awwww-ing….

“Cards on the table, we’re both showing hearts. Risking it all, though it’s hard” – All of me

This line just always gets me I guess cuz it describes me….

Btw, #Scandal is back…. Yessssssssssssss baby. And the winches have not allowed me time to watch it… #Suits is back in a bit too….. Back to the LOVELY DAYS mehn…. My weekends just got better.

Fuel Scarcity oh scarcity… I am tired of this country. Thank God for who He is. Filled my tank a week before and somehow, I am still on over half tank, a week and a half after. Can’t  even imagine waking up 5am and not getting fuel till past 1pm.

I apparently am LASTMA on this Wendell Smilin abi na Reno Omokiri (whatever the spellings are) thingy. How come nobody told me?

This post got me cracking up.. Us Desperate Housewives junkies….

Seems I am the only one not into this Lupita hype. I haven’t watched 12 years a slave yet so just maybe that is why I aint feeling this slashing her pictures everywhere ish. I mean I have read her story but really what is the hype about?

In other news I have lost almost 10kg in 2 months. I look like a TD board according to my youngest sister. Flat everywhere. Now I aint sure if it is a good thing or a bad thing to lose weight.

Today is ash Wednesday. People be forming spiritual now. I am waiting and watching.

Anywayz good people, do have a lovely day and hopefully see you soon.

Btw, if you owe me a god-daughter, please please please catch your sub and do the needful.



6 thoughts on “Been long you saw me…..

  1. Awww sweetie lucky you oh u don’t wanna know what babes are doing for fuel as we speak. Lemme just rest my case. Mice ur fuel with all ur strength oh. Weight loss good. TD board not so sexy. They say the fuel thing will subside by tomorrow tho. I pray o !!!!!!!!!!

    1. Lol. Second person asking me to mice my fuel. What can babes be doing? On top fuel scarcity. I don’t even wanna imagine. Weight loss that has led a lepa to become extra lepa nko?

      I pray it subsides fast sha. Some of us aint used to the hustling life.

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