Goodbyes are hard, blog birthday and many many

For a little over 4 months I had this lovely lady ride with me to work. She was introduced to me by another co-rider and we hit off real fast. Driving to work was a lot of fun as we had a whole lot to gist about… She became an instant gbeborun partner. She is just one easy to love young lady. Never been to a cinema (till I forced her to), hates ice cream. Is every inch herself. No airs, no forming, no trying to feel among.

Now, she’s left me. Relocated to Cyprus. So unfair. I miss her every freaking day. FES, this song is for you. Forget the context of the song. This is the closest I could find…

I miss you real good. I guess a trip to Cyprus is in order.

Moving on. This blog would be 3 on Monday (le boo’s birthday also) and somehow I never had to chance to plan a giveaway. So for those who I “hurt” by not having a giveaway I apologize. My weeks have been crazy. However, once things calm down a bit, there shall be a giveaway.

For those who know me, February is one of my fave months of the year. The other being November as 2 great people were born this month; popman (yesterday) and le boo (Monday). So to all ya other February peeps, happy happy birthday. To my hero, my first love, happy birthday. To le boo, my ride or die chic, bff, cousin and sister, happy birthday. Love ya till eternity.

I am an aunty. Yayyyyyyyyyyy. Don’t ask me how.

Anywayz peeps, have a lovely night rest…..


Lord knows my husband must be able to sing and play either the piano or the guitar!!!

… count down to Scandal…..


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