To friend zone or not to?

So much has been said on this topic I would try not to over flog it.

Ok so I was heading back from the salon after been out all day (I aint driving as I type, home already) and this dude who is obviously into me starts calling. Well my excuse, I was driving. And I just kept thinking if it was fair to friend zone dude. Now here is a guy who is ok. So far at least from our conversations but…. Big BUT.. No chemistry of whatever form. I aint even willing to wanna talk or chat with him. It tires me. Plus he keeps calling like no break. At work, text messages, at home calls, weekends, calls. Habatically!!!! Give me a break. And I just thought, how do I break it to this guy without hurting him. He seems pretty delicate. First he doesn’t strike me as strong. Anyways, as I was thinking o, all along my radio was on but the station was just playing music and doing ads. Suddenly a lady calls in and apparently the topic was friend zoning. Hmmmmm.

So so, radio presenter (a guy) goes on about why a lady shouldn’t friend zone guys and then asks lady caller if after all her friend zoning, she is in a relationship and she replies in the negative. Lobatan. Presenter continues preaching as I call it. Now it would seem this is the second guy I am friend zoning in the last two months. Shoot me. If there aint no chemistry, no willingness to talk to you, some resistance, the best you can be would be in friend zone. Abi? When just your calls start to irritate me (abi am I too harsh?) what is left? Anywayz, that aint stopping my dinner with dude on Monday. Wicked yeah?

My question though is: at what point do you decide to friend zone someone? After 2 months, a number of dates, and about 3 weeks of like talking everyday as in case of dude. Or about a month of talking everyday, chats, and all as in the case of the other guy that entered that zone recently? Like when you aint just jell-ing…..

I promised a post for yesterday. I didn’t forget. Got home pretty tired, had to do my henna treatment and sleep cuz I was heading out early today and had a full day. Quick gist about the henna treatment. I used an online recipe. Mixed a bit of henna powder and conditioner – shea moisture conditioner and V05 conditioner. I absolutely loved d smell of the mix. Applied it about past 10 last night and my owl of a baby sister due to her movements woke me up about 3:11am this morning. Now as a light sleeper, all I needed was some movements. So rather than keep it for 6 hours, I had it in for about 5 hours. I need to explain that I was scared of my hair falling out as a result of the treatment. A lot of sites reported brittleness and advised a strand test before full application which I didn’t do. So maybe that was part of what woke me up sef.

Result, softer hair. Like really soft. Took me almost 30 minutes to wash the henna off completely but I came out with a much softer hair considering my last retouch was September last year. So after my programme, headed to the salon to get my Ghana weaving done.

All of the above aint anywhere close to what I intended to blog about earlier in the week. Events have made me change my posts twice now. So hopefully, the original post for this outgoing week should come up sometimes in the coming week….. Or never.



12 thoughts on “To friend zone or not to?

  1. I usually friend-zone from first encounter… Maybe it’s a bad habit..

    Like you, if there’s no chemistry, I’m sorryy.. Per’aps I should be more willing to give it a go!

    1. Lol. Same here. Mentally friend zone on 1st encounter. Trying to give this dude the benefit of let’s see how it goes BUT….. tis hard sha!!!!

      Thanks for stopping by…

  2. Friendzoning get manual? I’m late I guess, lol!

    I’d never meet a guy with the intention of “sizing” him up, if you know what I mean. But if I had to friend zone I would do it the moment I have confirmation in my spirit (from God) that he’s not the one. First impressions can be deceiving. At the same time I’ll be open to receiving love from other guys (don’t dull yourself). I love this; you should have titled it “Help! I need to friend zone this guy oo!” Lol 😀

    1. Lol. I have never met a guy with the intention of sizing him too o. But after like d 1st 2 encounters, omo make everybody find their square root. Dude tho was more of “he doesn’t act smart, I am sure he is smart, let me find out what the problem is” situation. Now I think I am in trouble. I try to keep an open mind BUT…. this 1? No way. And ba the title, I couldn’t think of what to call it jare. Trust you are good?

  3. I think my own challenge is I never know a guy is into me until everyone else has seen it. So I would say the first zone a guy enters is the friend zone. So the question becomes if he can escape from the zone or not. Weird right?
    All y’all that take good care of your hair, please come and give me strength Biko! Nice work and happy new yearrrr!

    1. Lol sis. Which kain not knowing be dat? Better come and tap anointing of knowing. I get asked a lot of times how I know and in reality I can’t explain. The same way I can’t explain a lot of other things (like knowing a friend’s bf would break up with her months before he ever did. Till date I dunno).

      Think yours is easier actually. Cuz if you don’t know it aint like you are doing anything wrong or purposely putting him in the dreaded zone. If he is good enough to come out of that zone, o ku si lowo (na him hand e dey). Abi?

      On the hair thingy, I must confess it aint easy. E wan come be prayer point. Cuz days I get home and I just wanna knock out with make-up and all still on. Somehow I find the strength sha to at least oil and wash face. But then again, I am barely a month on this project. Let’s see how it goes.

      Have a great week dearie… xoxo

  4. Hahah! my own toasters oo, other people’s relationships, I am totally clueless x_x I seriously need that anointing o! lol.
    Exactly! In fact my friends that are guys always say that I have zoned them, not knowing that na dem no know how to comot the zones. Lol.
    It’s good to take care of your hair. I was once serious about my hair and it grew so long then. But now, I know the weather will probably mess with it, so that’s my excuse for not taking care of it. lol!
    Thank you dearie! I trust your week is going great too! x

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