Happy New Year

Happy new year dearies. I trust the year had been aite so far. It would only get better.

Am I the only excited one?

So I promised to blog about my hair right. Here it is. I was one of those “10 inches no body hair” kind of people. Good length but very scanty and limp. One of those I hate weaving my hair people. If I must not more than 5-6 cornrows. So yeah you can trust I hated having to go weave my hair when I was in Primary School. By Secondary School, when I had a bit more control, weaving was restricted to once a term. Bad idea. Good healthy hair kept in a good enough protective style went bad. As I spent every weekend at the salon under the dryer. Hot dryer. In came dandruff also. Used all sorts of cream and shampoos. No luck. Keeps it under for a while and then it is back itching.

By Uni, weaving had become braiding and that was once a semester. Right before exams and off right after exams. 3-4 weeks and the thingy is off. You can trust that I hated it but had to do it. Still hate braiding my hair but I do it at least twice a year. Yeah to give a different look. Still hair worries persisted. Add the fact that it gets due and in need of a retouch like 4 weeks after the last retouch. Something I can’t remember experiencing when I was doing cornrows jeje. Now, you need to see my hair after a retouch. I am also one of those who likes to play with my hair. You know the “run your hand through your hair” people. Another thing, easy way to make me sleep, play with my hair. Enough stories already. Anyways, after a retouch, hair looks longer, easy to play with but very LIMP. Like if wind should blow now, the thingy is standing. You would never believe I just did something to it. In Uni, you can trust I always had it covered. Never let it out. So comes the weave expenses cuz silly me didn’t reuse weaves.

Long and short? I spent money on my hair to no avail. No result. Buy this cream I buy. Use this, I use. From honey to fanta to hemp to damatol to sulphur 8 to heads and shoulders, bergamot, name it. I have used. I trimmed and trimmed and treated and treated. No result. Then came 2012. I did this braids back in the UK, got to Nigeria about a month after and took it out. I shall upload the picture after my retouch that day (when I have the guts to). I almost cried at the salon. Here I was turning to an iya mi leko. Before my very eyes. My front hair was gone. Annoyingly at the sides. I always admire people on braids and quite unfortunately, I am the only one who does braids at home and ends up with my front hair off. So in “feeling among the braids clique” I ended up an iya mi leko. I couldn’t figure out what to do. Fast forward to about March/April 2013, Just Joxy looks down on me with mercy and mixed this ori (sheabutter) mix and I started applying (I shall also upload the pictures after the mix finished). Gradually, the hair started sprouting. Small small but still not where I wanted it to be.

So I “gave up” and just ignored the hair again and went back to my protective weaves. However I took a decision before then to space my retouching, 4-6 months as against 6-8 weeks. I also have a very soft hair and was advised against retouching often. Then I started working with this babe and we would gist about hair hair hair. Started visiting hair blogs and getting ideas. I took the plunge in December and bought some oils, shampoos, henna and some eroja and it has been fun trust me BUT expensive (I guess initial expenses).

Hair routine for the past 3 weeks-

1. Wash every 2 weeks (I love my weaves and can’t afford to keep my hair down for long cuz of the reasons above) so I keep my weaves for 2 weeks and remove.

2. Do hot oil treatment before a wash, then next wash, do a henna deep condition treatment (which I am doing this weekend) and then hot oil treatment the next wash. So I add the oils, cover it up over night and wash the next morning.

3. Moisture and oil hair EVERYDAY. Yes you heard right. I got a mix of argan, coconut, jojoba, castor, olive and some other oils which I apply every night. Then on Tuesdays, I apply just castor oil, on Thursdays, just coconut oil and hair cream. While I constantly moisture it and massage the hair (especially in front).

4. At last fix, I asked for more space between each layer so I can oil everyday. I would rather you layer the weave on one line than make the space between each layer so small.

5. I plan to clarify once a month. Considering the amount of oil the hair would drink through out the month.

What else do I do? That’s bascially all so far. I hope to see results when I loosen my weave this weekend. I am gonna weave though. Different look tins. One thing though, my hair doesn’t itch often. So yeah, focus is more on front hair growth as against long hair. Because I noticed most of the hair bloggers have great lengths BUT no front or lil front hair.

So there it is. I have been accused on abandoing the blog and asked to take care of my hair. Hence this very long post. The post for the week should come up on Friday. A lot of randoms and ranting as usual.

The good gets shortlisted, the excellent is chased after (paraphrased)- Friend

I am not one to do new year resolutions. In fact, tis one of the things I absolutely won’t do. But I do always know what I want to achieve every year and I write them down and that’s it.

I was encouraged more like asked sef by a friend to do a personal development plan (PDP) and I am just like wow. I know what I wanna do and have the timelines in my head. Just never thought putting it down and all would have the effect it has on me. So I might be off every now and then (I would try not to) cuz of 1 exam or the other.

I am beginning to hate this constant comparison to Olivia Pope I get from people. Oh you sway the way she does. Oh you are like Liv. Oh you are like her cuz you like Scandal. So here it is. I like the Olivia Pope character. And am sure I have confessed I started watching because I had a lot of people raving about the way she dresses (which I like by the way), I tend to excuse quite a lot of her actions (if you have heard me discuss her) BUT this babe aint no Olivia Pope and she isn’t like her in any way.

So yeah, that’s it. I guess this qualifies as my longest post yet (a post which doesn’t include lyrics to a song or any other ish).

Have a lovely day good people and Happy New Year once again.



Agree or not?

Cheating isn’t always kissing, flirting or touching. If you gonna delete text messages so your partner won’t see them, you’re already there- Twitter

4 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. At least u have hair. What about some of us that have 0 length and 0 body. I won’t lie, I don’t moisturize every day. Someone should just invest the magic hair pill!!!

  2. Lol love the twitter comment at the end. Lol as my hair is bound to fall off following recent activities I shall be joining your regime soon

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