There is always…..

There is always something about a gown that makes a girl feel all so sexy and on top of the world

There is always that one person at family weddings that make you wish you didn’t attend

There is always something about seeing an artiste performing live that makes you just wanna scream (even if na DJ dey make d performance sweet)

There is always something about your fave rapper that even when he loses his voice performing you still wanna cheer him on

There is always something about rocking trads that makes one feel very responsible

That said, went to see Best Man Holiday and I must say it is an absolutely completely amazing movie. I love the way they captured the whole essence of Christmas in their own little way. God, the birth of Christ, family, friends, love, forgiveness, moving on…. The list is endless. Spoiler alert. If you aint seen it and you plan to, take enough tissue.

Funny bit. Came out of the cinema and a dude who was about to see the movie asks if I cried and I replied in the affirmative and he had this “ha, what am I getting into” look. Apparently he had seen a number of people coming out either still crying or sniffing or something. I aint a mushy person, I don’t do romcoms and all in the cinemas and really a few movies have moved me this close to crying but asides Titanic till today I had been able to control it. But wow, really, it was a touching and amazing end (hopefully) to the Best Man “franchaise”.

And Moris Chestnut and Taye Diggs..
*fans self* #blackmanlover #wellbuiltguylover #finefacelover #beautifulsmilelover #teamdarkskin #thatmorrischestnutbody #hissmiletoo #andtayediggs…. Ok I would quit talking about this movie. Too many emosh scenes.


Still yet to see Thor thanks to the friend who is too bush to wear 3D glasses.

The essence of it all is God, Family (and friends) and Work. Yeah I am so stealing that.

The way people do intros and engagements these days….. The kain moni ehn…..No comments.

Been a fun filled weekend. From office end of year party on Friday night to a wedding on Sunday to an engagement today…. And the week is even gonna be busier def… Hope ya all had a fun weekend sha. Deronk sure did. With all attendant stress.

Merry Christmas people and see you in the new year by God’s grace.

Good night lovies…. muah

Fall on your knees
O hear the angels voices
O night divine
O night when Christ was born


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