Eat, Sleep, Get fat

Yelz. This babe is on leave!!!!!!!!! I would be lying if I say I aint excited. Like really!!! So all I gotta do for the remaining 9 days is eat, sleep, get fat. Ok add praying and reading and just generally staying indoors to it. Hehe. Don’t jealous me.

Moving on…. what is it with Kcee’s songs that initially you never like them. At least for me. All his songs always grow on me. Heard Pullover for the first time on Saturday and am like nah. And as it is with a new song or something new or something you suddenly notice, you start to see it or hear it everywhere. So between Saturday and today, I have heard that song at least 10 times…..
Pullover….. Park…. Reverse…..

What is in a name? Blogged about it once so not doing that again. This has to do with Scandal though. Yeah, bad habit. I must talk about Scandal.. so a friend (names withheld, you sha know it is you once you see this) puts up a pm about not naming her daughter Olivia because of Scandal. And I laughed.  I have had to change my daughter’s name (funny right, she already has a name and I never even marry not to talk of having a child) from Isabella because… I watched a Mexican soap once and Isabella was a witch. Years on, a friend too is giving stories about one Isabella witch… I sharperly found another name… Mba, not saying the name before you people find a reason why the name isn’t good.

Btw, Yoruba women are allowed to give their children names too right? Cuz it shall pain me after deciding on a name and I hear I aint allowed o.

*ding ding*

Christmas is coming, the turkeys are getting fat fat…..
Time to change my ringtones….

Leaving with these lyrics….. three of my favourite Christmas songs

Destiny’s child’s 8 days of Christmas

On the 8th day of Christmas my baby gave to me
A pair of chloe shades and a diamond belly ring
On the 7th day of Christmas my baby gave to me
A nice back rub and he massaged my feet
On the 6th day of Christmas my baby gave to me
A cropped jacket with dirty denim jeans
On the 5th day of Christmas my baby  gave to me
A poem that he wrote for me
On the 4th day of Christmas my baby gave to me
A candlelit dinner just for me and my honey
On the 3rd day of Christmas my baby gave to me
A gift certificate to get me favourite CDs (funny that’s how I found this song- story for another day)
On the 2nd day of Christmas my baby gave to me
The keys to a CLK Mercedes
On the 1st day of Christmas my baby gave to me
Quality TIME (I so need that right now)

Doesn’t it feel like Christmas? Sure it does. Christmas countdown baby!!!!!!

All around the world this Christmas – R Kelly

Hearing the bells go ding dong
Hearing the choir sing songs
Lettings us know its Christmas
Time for the world to spread love (must we always wait for Christmas though)
I open my eyes and to my surprise
I’ve come to realise that…
All around the world its Christmas. …

This Christmas – Chris Brown (there is a version by Joe, dunno which 1 I prefer)

Hang all the mistletoe
I’m gonna get to know you better
This Christmas
And as we trim the trees
How much fun it’s gonna be together
This Christmas

The fireside is blazing bright
We’re caroling through the night
And this Christmas will be
A very special Christmas for me
Let’s go

As usual, doing this on my phone so can’t post the links. Do look them up though. Absolutely gorg songs.

I am still waiting for my “under the mistletoe” kiss……

And if you haven’t already done, head to
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Tada people

10 thoughts on “Eat, Sleep, Get fat

  1. 1) Lol @ yelz! Congrats on your leave jare 🙂
    2) Is there really a song called “Pullover, Park, Reverse?” *shivers*
    3) I’m not that into Scandal anymore. Everyone is so into it that I just lost interest, lol

    Thanks for the update jorr. Merry Christmas in advance! 🙂

    1. Lol. Thanks.

      Yes o. The song is Pullover. Really silly lyrics, not bad beats.

      As for Scandal, I have tried not to be interested. Didn’t watch for more than 3 weeks. Yet, I am back watching.

  2. Well, I am just passing by. Deronk pls be nice about the leave info. Dont rub it in. (*pityface*. I offered u some of mine tho). Hmmm. Working like a horse here. I need to go watch this scandal too o!. No tym for telemundo again.
    Nice one tho I didnt get the gift.i.ll keep up with my comments. Someday…….

  3. I also have one name for my unborn child. And dear Lord I am so sick of the pullover song. Everywhere I go. Everyday on T.V. Even at weddings these yoruba bands be singing it with fuji beat. Here’s hoping people get over it fast. I have a name for my daughter and I’m not changing it for nothing. Going by your criteria of bad person in movie ehn u will eventually have to form a name yourself oh.
    Excited about christmas as well.
    Enjoy your leave love.xoxo

    1. Lol. I guess I would get tired at some point. All these songs wear me out. Got bored of limpopo, ekuro, and the list goes on… Yes o. Christmas is here. I would enjoy it o

  4. I can get the Christmas vibe on your blog already. I’m glad you are on leave even though I’m envious as I don’t have any “holiday” till next week.

    Compliments of the season…’Tis indeed the season to be jolly!

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