Am I special or what?

Lols. So finally my birthday haf come. Yayyyyy

Sure had fun today. And yeah, the gifts also made it worth while.

First things first. I am sorry I couldn’t post last week. My laptop just won’t connect to the Internet.  Now I am forced to use my phone.  Which is as you can guess not very alright.  Anyways. I promised and have to fulfill my promise.

The giveaway ended today. Soooooo. There is a winner. *ding ding* Naija wife is the winner of my birthday giveaway. Not sure I ever mentioned the prize. A £50 Asos voucher or the naira equivalent. So yeah, I shall be contacting you soon. Thank you to all those who took time to comment.

So back to the matter. For those I “harassed” with my 26 pictures month, doh o. Sure you enjoyed seeing my pictures right? Zinger, SNM, Angelsbeauty, JustJoxy, friends like no other. A big thank you. Naijawife, thislagosgirl, Tee, Worship and Swag, Segun, *big hug and kisses*. IfeD, you rock my world.

Would just give you a bit of how the day went….







As much as I hate pink, my office managed to give me a pink cake. And to those who know how much I love cakes and flowers…. hehe… and shoes right?

Thank you thank you thank you. And happy birthday to me.


8 thoughts on “Am I special or what?

  1. I can’t believe I missed this post. Age is catching up with me. Glad you had such a nice day. And now having seen all the cakes, I repeat, cake mi da???

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