Daily Archives: November 15, 2013

Post Number what?

Apparently it is now a sin to drive and live not far from work as everybody else gets to close early while you stay back just because “you have a car”.

Moving on….

I have tried to post for the last 3 days but somehow my laptop and ipad would just not connect to the internet at home. Yet both phones are connected fine fine. And as I am old fashioned, I don’t do small screens…

When I said I had a lot to blog about, I am sure people thought I had serious things to talk about. I lie…

Just the randomest of all things…

1. This sun is killing me. From early morning. Hian!!!!

2. I have been told I give people attitude….

3. We have this new gateman who is very lazy. Yes, I call someone lazy. To even wash car for morning wahala. The old one would wake up early and clean all the cars even before the drivers get in. This one? *smh*. Now I want the old gateman back like yesterday. Especially with harmattan coming.

4. What is the real essence of companies engaging in CSR? I shall preach about it sometime soon.

5. The damage feminists and women empowerment have done. I can’t even start to write.

6. Women and covert operations…..

7. I said I won’t comment on angelsbeauty’s post on accidents. But the kind of almost accidents I have had or seen “almost happen” in the last week, I believe people should stay home if they can’t drive or head out early if you are in a rush or something. Even worse, I heard of a bizzare accident. Where 2 people are making rational decisions yet someone ended up dead. Ki Olorun ma fi iso e sowa (may God continue to protect us).

Well, I can go on as I presently am just at work staring at my system doing nothing. Anywayz…..