Perfect or Permissive Will?

This is just going to be a mix of different things….

I was at a Singles programme in Church on Saturday and whilst the guest minister was talking, he said something I have heard and I am sure a lot of people have heard over time; is that thing, that job, that husband, that wife, good for you? Even if it/job/she/he is good, is it acceptable to God? And it hit me. Many times I pray for God’s will to be done. And I am thinking and disecting and “deciding” how I want it to play out, what I want to happen just because it is good. And because it is good, it must likely must be acceptable afterall? So even when I pray let your will be done, am I asking for His perfect will or His permissive will? Am I asking God to grant His permission because that is what I want? I began to feel praying “let your will be done” was really vague; ambigious. It could be either His perfect will or His permissive will.

Sometimes last week during the morning family devotion, we touched on the subject forgiveness and my uncle said something very instructive: forgiveness isn’t forgiving someone you can’t hurt (someone bigger/stronger than you) i.e. Lagos State took your land and you are forming I have forgiven Fashola. He said forgiveness is forgiving someone you have the power, authority, resource to hurt YET you refuse to. Funny Open Heavens yesterday touched on the same subject as meekness: having the power to do damage and not doing it.

Which takes me to my next point. Do you choose to forgive/make peace/make amends because we are instructed to “as much as possible, as long as it lies within your power live at peace with all men”? Or to show that you are the “bigger/more mature” person? I have a colleague who is “mad” at me (for a very silly reason). So I tell our mutual friend. And he goes “go apologise”- which I understood and was going to do. He then adds “and show that you are the bigger person”. I paused and frankly I made up my mind I wasn’t going to apologise. At least not at that point. Because it dawned on me I won’t be apologising because I offended her (more so it isn’t even something you would count as an offense) but because I wanted to show I was more mature or the first to apologise.

I see angelsbeauty‘s birthday in the horizon. Yeah she is a few days older. Happy birthday in advance sis. Reminds me of the time Just Joxy thought we were sisters.

And yeah, it is a few weeks to the end of the giveaway so if you haven’t commented, you still got 2 weeks to comment.

You must have noticed no #Scandal talk in a couple of posts. Lets just keep it that way till I catch up with the outstanding 2 episodes I haven’t watched. And why do I have to wait till next year for #Suits?

I actually have a lot more to blog about. Maybe I would break the rule and post once more this week.

Side note: Perfection is attainable. Grace is getting admission into the Christian race; fees paid by Christ. You as the student now have to do the work, study, attend tutorials, read e.t.c to get a distinction/first class (perfection). Nothing less than a distinction. Merit aint allowed. Moreover, we have the teacher (the Holy Spirit) to help us when the examiner (the devil) comes with the tests and examinations. And don’t we have people who graduate from school with a first class/distinction? So who says perfection is unattainable?

Have a beautiful week people.

10 thoughts on “Perfect or Permissive Will?

  1. Hmmm….. forgiveness….. very key. Apologising very important. Your workplace issue; I usually resolve such by acting like nuffin happened and I talk to the person normally. After a while she will loosen up and that way no one is making any speech in the name of apology. Break the rule, one more post please. I am expectant.

    1. Lol. That’s what I usually do o. But I tried that and she was stand-offish which was when I realised she was upset about something that happened last week (and I explained why it happened to her). So bad, if she wants to see our group head (we work in the same unit), she goes out through the other door.

  2. My take on the God’s will thing. When Jesus (the Author and Finisher of our faith) taught us to pray, He said ‘Thy will be done.’ End of. Romans 12: 1-2 tells us to renew our minds….that we may prove what is the good, and acceptable, and perfect will of God. To my understanding , the will of God is good, acceptable and perfect. Which is why Jesus didn’t use big grammar. He kept it simple, and that is enough for me. I think we overcomplicate things in this our Christian walk. I could go on and on, but I think I have expressed my opinion as clearly as I am able.

  3. *rubs palms together to comment*

    Very interesting I like the pastors preach and your uncles point. Both very true. The forgiveness one is the one I will say we learn everyday lol because I have just learnt.

    I forgive most times but find hard to forget or it just stays somewhere in my mind and I think have forgotten but I haven’t so I am working on that!

    And yes it is my birthday tomorrow! Keep calm and send my present! Lool


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