Daily Archives: November 5, 2013

Wilderness Experience?

Almost missed my Tuesday post again. Blame it on work. As I have just entered house now now.

Completely off what I was going to talk about (that said, I can’t even remember half of what I was initially going to blog about this morning. Oh well), what constitutes a wilderness experience? I would have said I have had my fair share of wilderness experiences (no matter the duration) BUT….

I got home, saw a missed call and returned the call. There is this friend of mine from church who from the word go always told me to take this job as a wilderness experience. Initially it didn’t make sense. Months on, it makes major sense. Now, his statement has turned to a question. Anytime we see or he calls, his first question is “have you learnt what you are supposed to learn from this job”? First reaction is “I have learnt”. But he keeps asking the same question. Then ends with “It is not for me to decide if you have learnt, but until you learn, you are not leaving this job”. Now should I be scared? I have had an application pending for almost a year. It would be a year on the 28th. And anytime it seems something is gonna come out of it, the organization just goes on break and leave me hanging. Till they suddenly wake up another day. Considering the kind of drama at work recently, in fact the drama today and then the call this night, is this really a wilderness experience? And what am I meant to learn sef?

Moving on. I seriously need help. Apparently I wear my emotions on my face. So whilst my mouth might be saying something, my body or my eyes (face) is saying something else. How can I get both to behave?

In unrelated but very exciting news. The last born of my uni friends is getting married. Yayyy. She got engaged on the 1st. Means an early 2014 wedding. #happy much. I blogged at different points about the other 3 getting married this year.

Side note: what shall it profit a friend to pound another’s yam and not let his bestie win his giveaway?

And in case you don’t know, there is another giveaway o. Thank me later

*signing out* this babes is famished.