La la la la la, Lo lo lo lo lo yeah

Yayyyyy. A month to go!!!!

So I miss my Tuesday posting (well blame it on being too tired to post last night). So here you have what was meant to be yesterday’s post.

First thing first, the give away starts today and ends on the 26th of November. All you have to do is comment. I was going to do questions and all but never got round to posting all I was gonna “set the questions” on. So yeah, all you have to do is comment. And the time starts now. I see some people are doing copy copy sha! May the good Lord forgive you.

That said, if you haven’t read/seen naijahusband’s blog, you are on a long tin. The posts are hillarious yet very necessary and a most read (if I can say so) for young couples. So if you haven’t, let me help you. You can read his (their) posts here.

Am I the only one who thinks it is a taboo to disrupt someone’s Sunday afternoon nap? I had my ogas disrupt my sleep on Sunday and apparently ended up yarning gibberish (not something that could get me sacked, yayy). Sure they have a note to self: never call Deronk on a Sunday afternoon. YET, why would you wanna ruin Sunday afternoon?

Very short post it is.

Do have a great day people.


20 thoughts on “La la la la la, Lo lo lo lo lo yeah

    1. The person I am subbing sebi himself/herself na. Hian! See me see trouble o.

      Btw, I be think say I tell you say u no dey eligible ba? *side eye*

      Understand wetin?

  1. My dear I understand you on the sleep jare. It’s like sending me to go buy frozen spinach when I’m watching Korean drama. You’ll hear a different Maggie, lol! šŸ˜€

    1. Lools.

      Oya help me set the questions.

      From your mouth (laptop/smartphone) to Heaven. So shall it be.

      Yes o. Christmas starts officially on my birthday. Yayyyy

  2. Hahahaah! There are very few things that are more important than Subsay afternoon sleep o! Ahh! In fact, sleep at any time!
    Yippie! Our month is here *attempting to dance skelewu*

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