Donna Vs Scottie

I was this close to missing my Tuesday blog post. Doh o to those who expected a post all day. E ma binu. I have actually written this post like 6 times (in my head). Add a crazy yesterday and a very funny today + a bad leg + internet connection wey dey act funny. But no weapon formed or fashioned against this post shall…… I no talk anytin.

That said Ifed and I had an “argument” over the weekend hence the title of this post. Donna Vs Scottie. For the #Suits fans. And even if you no like am sef. Let me break it down.


  1. Harvard Grad
  2. Lawyer
  3. Kinda petite
  4. Good looking Brit


  1. Secretary
  2. Tall (or maybe the heels to help sha)
  3. Attractive
  4. Smart American

Ok I am just listing 4 “points” ehn. Donna works with Harvey as his secretary. She knows him like when you talk say someone know pesin. They have had a fling.  What else? Scottie is the babe Harvey likes. Known each other since Harvard. She has been in and out of Harvey’s love life. I know you can’t make a judgment on based on these ehn so please download Suits and watch. Anywayz I did a poll at work and most people seem to prefer Scottie because she is his “class”. Not because they are compatible. Or they love each other. Or what are the reasons people date these days? Harvey should be with Scottie because she is his class. Seriously? Funny reason to be with someone. Because he/she is your class…

However, Donna and Harvey is errrr. They work together. Dating your boss is a no-no from here; office romance in its entirety. But since I favour Donna, she has to leave to be able to date him ba? Bet, how would Harvey survive without Donna at work? Decisions, decision. Would Harvey prefer Donna in his work life or his personal life? Would you rather have that person you wanna be with at work or at home? Moving on.

Whew. Who has fun during the last holiday? I sure did. You wey God used to breathe life into my “social life” during the last week, e se pupo. Beach tins, Fifa tins…. You know yourself. Now back to a practically non-existent social life. I need help ko?

It is officially countdown to THE BIRTHDAY. FIVE WEEKS BAYBY…. KENT WAIT. Competition starts next week. Still don’t know what form or shape it would take though. And yes, you are not eligible. Once again, you know yourself. If you beg me sha, I fit change my mind.

Is it worth downloading BBM for Android?

This Papa Pope issue. Am I the only one who is worried? #Scandal

A friend made this comment earlier today which I thought to share

“Sometimes I wonder whether it is more difficult for guys or girls to find ‘the one’”

True? I woulda said either ways but then tis the guy doing the finding ba? What ya think?

10 thoughts on “Donna Vs Scottie

  1. I prefer Donna too. They know each other well and the chemistry is there!
    BBM is quite cool, it has the blackberry 10 feel I think ….
    I’m glad you had fun!
    Sorry I haven’t been commenting but I have been reading your posts 😉
    Yay! So you are a November baby too? Yippie! Our month is on the way! 😀
    It’s girls that find it more difficult. It’s difficult for a girl to find a guy in her ‘class’! Lool *now running away*
    PS sorry for the epistle.

    1. Lol. Their chenistry is to much…

      I have downloaded it o. Now my BB is useless. Signed in with the same BB ID.

      Thanks for finally commenting.

      Yes o. Special month for the best people. When is yours? Mine is the 26th.

      I thought so too. But then got “confused” ba the man being the one to find.

      Epistle ke? No o.

      Thanks once again for not only stopping by but commenting.


      1. Yay! Mine is the 18th!
        I really wonder if blackberry is ready to ‘ko igba wole’- or close shop, wonder how they would be making their money. Before the end of this year, everyone’s blackberry will be dormant, especially with android being on Tecno phones sef.

      2. RIM haf kogba wole already. Now selling just software.

        Like I said, my BB is useless now. And I only just renewed my plan last week. I couldn’t upgrade to OS10 anyways and on my S4 I have the new BBM so na to dey use am make calls and receive mails. Split the data. Till d BIS expires next month.

        So there is 12th, 18th and 26th…. Who else?

  2. Ore I love you but I just kent let you spoil suits for me! Stopped at the first paragraph when I saw Donna and Harvey! I’m behind yo! Lol I shall be back!

    Meanwhile yay to birthday countdown! Started mine already too!

    1. Lols. Some people no mind o. Actually seen a couple of such office ish since I resumed and well, they are married. Wifeys had to leave though. So just maybe….

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