Daily Archives: October 15, 2013

Post 2

I had a should I say wardrobe malfunction at work yesterday.

See as their eyes dey sharp.

Well, I was heading to my oga’s office when I noticed my skirt was a little free. And am thinking “errr what is going on here”. You see, this particular suit is one of my “tight” suits ba the skirt is fitted (is that right? warrefa). As in, no space at the waist. Unlike most of my other suits, with a little space at the band. So I put my hand to my skirt and lo and behold, my zip was down. Ha! How did that happen? I still don’t know. Remember this skirt isn’t even a “free” skirt. I adjusted quickly, looked round, and figured nobody noticed and pretended nothing happened. Told a couple of colleagues, and went about my business.

Only for the same thing to happen to one of the people I told. She was by one of the printers, bends (at least we can give a reason for hers ba?) and next thing her zip is down. Now the question is, what happened? What if it was a free skirt? What if my skirt dropped at work? What if I had entered my oga’s office when it happened? *sigh*. Major disaster averted.

Happy holiday people. Hope ya all are resting. Yeah for those of us wey dey do public holiday today and tomorrow (e ma binu, bank holiday). As some of us no get weekend (was at a training), this is our own Saturday and Sunday. It just so feels like a weekend. Am I allowed to call in sick on Thursday and Friday? The unfortunate thing is that I ku don’t have anything planned. And as with not having anything planned in this house, you become madam driver…. So please people is there any pari anywhere tonight or tomorrow? I wee come I promise.

#Scandal o. Sorry this blog is practically turning to a Scandal blog. Can we get Papa Pope off Scandal? Dude is creepy. And that last 2 scenes of Episode 2!!! *le sigh*

And you know yourself, where is my “breaking bad”?

Anywayz, time to find something to do to keep my cousin happy.

Tada people