Of Obedience, Scandal and other things

Most of this post was written over the last week. Well I had to wait till today to post as I already promised Tuesday Tuesday posts. So well, here it is.

What is it with guys and their “she is a woman so whatever I ask her to do she must do”? I was in church and a friend beckoned (sounds so ancient yeah!!!) and I didn’t. Next thing he goes on about how I will be married soon and I should start to learn obedience (insert submission). And me I just laughed. What has your calling me and me not answering got to do with my marriage? I didn’t answer you now means I am disobedient? Or that means I would be disobedient to my husband? I stopped short of telling him “if you want to enter that submission matter, my own Bible says wives submit to their own (key word OWN) husbands, not our, not your, not all men, not all males, not….. Ish

Or when people feel because I grew up in Ibadan, I must know how to make amala. And when I say I can’t I get all sorts of reactions and comments from “if your husband likes it yada yana” to those who tell me straight up I should go learn it. Please my I can cook other stuff and can even pound apparently doesn’t matter as long as I am “an Ibadan girl (never mind that I am not from Ibadan o), and I can’t make amala”. Ish. If husband likes amala, he should be prepared to make it o. My inability to make amala doesn’t make me less a woman.

I was going to blog about Scandal last week but once again I was bound by my Tuesday post. So angelsbeauty beat me to it. Funny what i had in mind was what she blogged about so no point reinventing the wheel. Why was I going to blog about it? I was gisting with a colleague and he called me Miss Pope (just because I said I liked Scandal). And am like heck no!! He then goes on to talk about how my liking it means I support adultery. Let me state here. I DO NOT AND WILL NEVER SUPPORT ADULTERY.

However, whilst I don’t support Olitz, I always wonder what would have happened if Fitz and Olivia met much earlier. Before Mellie. Makes me think a lot about our choices in marriage. We all (we who watch it) know the “circumstances” of Mellie and Fitz’s marriage. Fast forward some years and he meets this “great” woman he “loves” and he is stuck in a marriage he wants out of. But he can’t. Biko, shine your eyes well and pray hard before you get in. Once in, you can’t get out. And there would always be that great woman or man, even when you are with your right choice.

That said, I just like angelsbeauty watch it for the intrigues and all. Pure entertainment. And yes, the Olivia Pope look and smartness and nack for fixing things. #astormiscoming #scandal. Looking forward to this season yo!!! So many stories that Ms. Shonda can hit us with. Rowan (I so detest that man), Olitz, Mellie, Cy, Jake (oh yes him, sure we haven’t heard the last of him). And Lisa Kudrow is in this season. Yayyyyy!!!!!!! I hope this storm won’t “sweep us away”. And hopefully it won’t become a #Revenge. To think there is season 3 of Revenge. I pray, what is the script writer thinking?

I usually wonder what goes on in the minds of people who drive silly in the rain. Like seriously, it is freaking raining and one has to be extra careful. I kent be thinking twice as much as I think and now come and add your own madness to it. And we wonder why there are a lotta accidents on the road when it rains. Osi.

Weddings weddings weddings. The amount I have spent on aso-ebi this year ehn!!! And the year aint ended yet. *sigh*. God help me.

Tada friends.

Have a great week.

Abundant life is enjoying here on earth and in heaven. Omo jaiye jaiye, omo jorun jorun– Pastor Femi Atoyebi

This is so me!!!!!
This is so me!!!!!

7 thoughts on “Of Obedience, Scandal and other things

  1. Lol you watch revenge as well! Sigh that show is just complex and never ending. God knows what the new season will bring. You highlight a good point in that what would have happened if Fitz and Olivia met a few years earlier before he was married. The thing is it might not even have made a difference, sometimes people love a taste of the forbidden fruit. Lol but I will give them te benefit of doubt.

    Aso ebi na serious business

    as for Amala, lol! It’s kinda like making Iyan from powder if you want to learn try it that way otherwise hope he doesn’t like Amala.!these days, men can cook anyway lol

    1. I have ditched Revenge o. Who has time?

      Yeah, you are right about the forbidden fruit ish… God help us. Like I told someone this week, there would always be the better looking, great, sexy, smart woman who notices everything about you and that hawt (even if he no hawt) guy who is so easy to talk to etc.

      Ba aso-ebi, now I am running away. They are trying to force me to buy for a wedding at work and I aint bulging. Biko, what GL we go write all these into? Not falling for the “just buy to suppport them” gimmick no more

  2. This marriage matter is very serious oh! So, the boy was ‘training’ you to be a submissive wife by ‘beckoning’ (lol) to you.. I think sometimes we are to blame for the way the whole ‘What if you are married’ stuff is thrown in our faces.. The way we talk about it and place such a huge emphasis on it *guilty* make people think it must be our achilles heel.. I can just imagine what they are thinking “If you want to get to her, just mention the fact that she’s not marriage material.. GBESE!” lol
    I hardly ever hear a guy being told “Watch how much you party oh, what will you do when you get married?”… If that happens to be his problem, the submissive wife will understand šŸ™‚

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