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What’s up yo!!

First things first, Happy Birthday Nigeria. And to all those born today. God bless ya.

Back to the matter. You def know the bosses are back. So blogging won’t be that regular. I am talking in advance now o. You wey this message is for, you sabi yourself. *big smile*. That said, I promised a give-away in October. I also promised to give deets (details; na so people dey use deets to replace details o, no bi me o) this month. Well, that was because I thought I would blog wella and drop bits and pieces of what the questions for the give-away would be. Better late than never ba? So for the next 3 or 4 Tuesdays, I should blog on one thing or the other. Very random stuff I believe. And the questions might or should come out from them or older posts.

So what has been happening? Passed the exam I failed the 2nd time. Not excited. Had 96% though. The 2nd exam, well, shoulda done that yesterday bet had a meeting I didn’t know about until yesterday morning so had to move it forward. Should do it sometimes this month.

Twas my Taiye’s birthday last Wednesday. Yes momma’s birthday was the 25th and our Idowu (baby sis) was 21 on Sunday. It was a very lovely week. #Arsenal now made it even lovelier. Never been this happy watching an Arsenal game in years. We still have a lot to work on though. But so far, tis been good yeah. Waiting for May. I gas collect all my bets. Yes, dem Man U fans I am looking at you. You kent back out now right!!!

Deronk has started gyming…  Oh yes people, this tummy has to go. I do about 20-30 minutes in the mornings every morning except this morning (yes I was too lazy and my bed felt a lot friendly this morning). I have only managed to lose 4kg though since September 14 bet this tummy is still there o. I was going to start using the gym at work for an hour in the evening but it is closed *sigh. I might put up pictures if you beg me. Lol. That said, anybody knows how good the Nike Training App is? Downloaded it but not started using it.


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My new baby
My new baby


N.B: IfeD, this post is for you o. Would you let me rest now?

Have a blessed October!!!!

Oh, will be absolutely unfair and wrong to leave you without these