So I am at work. Bored with nothing to do. Who would have thought? The bosses have been out all week, completed most if not all my tasks for the week. What is left? Am I allowed to go home?

If you are wondering why this post has no title, it is because I have no title for it. I have had a very eventful week at work. Too much drama. But oh well, TGIF baby!!!!!!!!

So I decided to do my blog rounds. Shhhhhhh!!!! Oops, did I let it out loud? On company time? It has been a while since I last did a blog round and worship and swag was the first stop. Ya all need to read the following posts. These two especially: Back up plan and saying yes. Babe is on fire. With back-up plan, I am fully on the side of girl A. You can read Toolz article too on Bellanaija which spurred the post. 100% commitment.

Two things jumped at me when I read both articles. For one, I believe a relationship from mere friendships to marriage is love, trust and loyalty. So if for any reason, either of the 3 isn’t at 100, there is an issue o. If I can’t trust you, I can’t be loyal and def can’t love you. So what’s the point? Same way I won’t be committed to you. I am fiercely loyal to people I trust. If you can’t be, why are we friends? If I have never given you a chance not to trust me, why shouldn’t you trust me. And the day either of the 3 variables is reduced, you have lost me.

Secondly, why do people stay on with friends and in relationships where there is no commitment? Or equal commitment? Or one of 3: love, trust and loyalty is missing? Or more sef? I dunno o. I don’t believe in back-up, having someone on the side and whatever name you give it. However, like said in worship and swag’s post, do keep friends. Life doesn’t end with that friend or girlfriend or boyfriend or spouse. Edifying friendships.

Just joxy has given us the full story. Finally. So please if you know the people, help us beg them o. Na just dress. Biko. Life isn’t this hard.

Now off to bellanaija. I hear there is an article on how to knot a wrapper. And can someone beg singlenigerian to please post?




8 thoughts on “……

  1. Girl those three variables you mentioned got me thinking big time. And I guess I haven’t really thought of it the way you put it: if trust is gone I can’t be loyal to you therefore I can’t love you. This is true and these variables needs to be at certain levels of “fully charged” before any relationship can work. I’ve had friends who say once they can completely trust you, it’s not hard to love you.
    On why most women hang around as side chicks, sometimes this stems from self-esteem issues and denial. With the thought that it’ll get better most women hope for the rocks in their hands to turn to marbles, believing that their efforts will be seen by men. Love is a serious thing o. Last week, my friend got married to this guy she started dating 10 months ago. If a guy loves us it really doesn’t take much effort from us as women, lol! Interesting summary of blog posts! Don’t let your ogas catch you oo. 😀

    1. Lol. Babes after my heart. I know all 3 are VERY important.

      Your friend try o. 10 months after meeting? Or they have known each other for a while?

      I still don’t buy this side chic biz ish. But the, kilomode mo?

      Love is a serious thing. I agree. It is also a very beautiful “thing”. For things to werk though, requires more than just “love” as we know it.

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