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So I am at work. Bored with nothing to do. Who would have thought? The bosses have been out all week, completed most if not all my tasks for the week. What is left? Am I allowed to go home?

If you are wondering why this post has no title, it is because I have no title for it. I have had a very eventful week at work. Too much drama. But oh well, TGIF baby!!!!!!!!

So I decided to do my blog rounds. Shhhhhhh!!!! Oops, did I let it out loud? On company time? It has been a while since I last did a blog round and worship and swag was the first stop. Ya all need to read the following posts. These two especially: Back up plan and saying yes. Babe is on fire. With back-up plan, I am fully on the side of girl A. You can read Toolz article too on Bellanaija which spurred the post. 100% commitment.

Two things jumped at me when I read both articles. For one, I believe a relationship from mere friendships to marriage is love, trust and loyalty. So if for any reason, either of the 3 isn’t at 100, there is an issue o. If I can’t trust you, I can’t be loyal and def can’t love you. So what’s the point? Same way I won’t be committed to you. I am fiercely loyal to people I trust. If you can’t be, why are we friends? If I have never given you a chance not to trust me, why shouldn’t you trust me. And the day either of the 3 variables is reduced, you have lost me.

Secondly, why do people stay on with friends and in relationships where there is no commitment? Or equal commitment? Or one of 3: love, trust and loyalty is missing? Or more sef? I dunno o. I don’t believe in back-up, having someone on the side and whatever name you give it. However, like said in worship and swag’s post, do keep friends. Life doesn’t end with that friend or girlfriend or boyfriend or spouse. Edifying friendships.

Just joxy has given us the full story. Finally. So please if you know the people, help us beg them o. Na just dress. Biko. Life isn’t this hard.

Now off to bellanaija. I hear there is an article on how to knot a wrapper. And can someone beg singlenigerian to please post?



These are a few of my favourite things

Buy me diamonds and rubies
I’m crazy bout Bentley’s
Gucci dresses and drop top kompressors
Wine me and dine me
Bring those platinum rings
Those are a few of our favourite things

Shoot me. So I woke up this morning singing Big Brovaz Favourite Things (well not woke up singing but yeah you get the point), at some point the silly song came to mind.

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favorite things

In Sound of Music’s version and Big Brovaz, errrr I think I prefer Big Brovaz. Whiskers on kittens ke? Hehehehehe

So yeah, here is a list of some of my favourite things

  1. Glow by J-Lo: I didn’t even remember when the perfume came out (but I got my first one in SS3 or first semester 100 level (yeah I got Miami Glow as a gift from a cousin to Love at first glow- which happens to be my favourite to Glow after dark- yep with the phone charm, hehehehe) and according to le boo and bestie 1 and cousin (yeah she is all that to me), I have owned at least 2 all year round. Now I used to be a perfume junkie (as little as 5 perfumes at a time and at least one had to be Glow by J-Lo). I have tried and owned other really nice ones bet I think this qualifies as one of my favourite things right?
  2. My ipod: Forget the fact that I abandoned it for a while, this def qualifies as one of my favourite things
  3. My black KJV Bible: now that’s the best Bible I have ever owned. Seen better days. Highlighter marks, you name it. “Loaned” someone once and haven’t seen it since then
  4. Christmas: my favourite time of the year. Nuff said
  5. Old school music
  6. Books
  7. Breakfast in bed and a big cuddle early in the morning *covers face*. I have been told that longing for a cuddle in the morning is the reason I don’t sleep well
  8. Scandal and Suits qualify too right?
  9. Pancakes
  10. Watching Carousel is one of my favourite events
  11. SLEEP

Above all, God, my family and friends who have been there through and through are my favourite people EVER.

When the dog bites, when the bee stings
When I’m feeling sad
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don’t feel so bad

That said, there is gonna be a giveaway in November. So ya all be prepared. It should be open to those in Yankee this time around also. So yeah, Naij, Jand and Yankee. Details coming in October.

The thin line between……

Looking good and vanity……

Woman and beauty

How and when do we draw the line between the quest to look good (and maybe on point) and being vain? Saw the picture above in today’s edition of This Day Style and I quote part of  Ruth Osime’s “commentary”

I thought this was a truly insightful quote from a woman who epitomized elegance and style so, that even till date people emulate her….. But at  a certain stage in your life, aside from your physical appearance, your attraction also comes from your personality because it is about the impact you make on people…. It is this radiation people sense when they see you that makes them find you more appealing to the eye….

I have had this conversation a lot of times with people. Looks Vs personality. And I hear a lot of people say personality YET go with people who don’t have a great personality but look good. So I ask here LOOKS Vs PERSONALITY aka IWA (I think that’s the Yoruba word for it right?). What is your preference?

Back to the matter.

Why do we have a lot of people focused on “looking good” and ever on point rather than building good character? Don’t get me wrong. I am all for looking good. Looking fantastic. Helps your confidence and the list goes on. But when we start to pay so much attention to keeping up with the Joneses in a bid to look good, isn’t that bordering on vanity? I see a lot of women who are so into getting the latest shoes and bags and what have you. There is absolutely nothing wrong in buying. But were do you draw the line? The Loubs and Pradas and LVs and oh I heard a new one on Friday, Celine… When would we (females especially) start to focus on the right things? Why and when did we cross that very thin line between looking good and being vain? How do we even know when we cross that line?

Looks fade. People change. Character doesn’t (or at least shouldn’t). Let’s focus on the right things whilst still looking good. Exercise, eat right, do what it takes to look “on point” but watch out for that thin line.

That said, can someone please tell this madam to give us the final/concluding/last (whichever English fits) to the aso-ebi wahala. You can read part 1 here and part 2 here. Kindly remind her what we did to the last person who kept us on cruise like this….

By the way, what reply do you give to someone who tells you “you probably got the sexiest ass in xyz”.

Do have a lovely and fruitful week people.


I am here, you are there. Do your job!!!!

Or better still “am here, you’re there, do your freaking job”?

What is it about Suits that gets me so………………….. To think I never liked it. Well, the first few episodes just didn’t cut it for me. It somehow grew on me. And since Scandal isn’t returning till next month, I have had all the time to watch. *sigh* Woulda ever have time for #scandal?

Loving loving loving Harvey… And I know I have never spoken about his suits but dayum he looks omg… And why do I feel like Donna? I feel a lot like Olivia too. Don’t ask me why I think so.. I just know season 3 is gonna be *in Barney’s voice* awesome… Jessica oh Jessica…. I don’t know what to think about her…

In other news. My secondary school would be 50 next month… Yayyyyy. So yeah, here is the list of activities. Amazing how it is just a few weeks away. Months and years of planning. Going to lock down Ib city. If you are ex-ISI, this is for ya. Save the dates. So looking forward to it.


Also, there is a meeting 4pm tomorrow, if you can make it, venue is Terra Culture, Tiamiyu Savage; Drink, Eat, Network (DEN).

So yeah. I flunked my first test at work. Gotta re-write it plus another exam in October. People keep asking how I failed (or they thought I was joking) like I ever planned to fail. I guess that’s the result of “teaching others theirs right”. I broke it down for people yet failed mine. God help me… So ya’all better start praying. Hafta pass the second attempt and kent fail the exam (not an option). And Lord knows I need help with my presentation skills. Thought I had it all covered till yesterday.

Have a lovely night rest people.

Leaving ya with these absolutely lovely songs

And this runaway lady, whatever happened to her?