3 posts in how many days?!!!

Trust me, I had a title not remotely related to the final title but after thinking about a post some 14 hours ago and finally putting pen to paper typing it out, I kent remember what the title was. Anyways, I believe it has to do with a 10 minutes convo I had with the bride’s father. Ehen ehen, something to do with why we don’t have a lot of marriageable (is that a word?) men. And why you have to “hold” on to the one you have. Because oko wan lode (to borrow Sound Sultan’s word). I have no idea why men of that generation (plus or minus a generation) have that mentality. While I partially agree that a lot of men are not ready to settle down (for reasons ranging from financial to them just not being ready), I don’t buy into the by fire by force if you have a man, hold on tight philosophy. That said, I was able to “save” myself from promising to get married by year end. Whew. He actually wanted me to promise him I would.

Two, am I the only one tired of hearing “ti e na a de o”? I mean, I know it is a prayer, a good one at that BUT it can be tiring mehn.

Anyways so my first “wedding” as a partial planner went so bloody well. No bridezilla. Well I had to calm her down a few times but they weren’t serious. No major issues (asides me forgetting the bride’s flats at home) and as “punishment” I gave her mine and had to wear heels all through. As planner cum PA cum bridesmaid cum what else did I do (I heard my name so many times I was almost gonna scream), I am proud of myself. If I must say so myself. So much responsibility and I know I handled it well. Only hitches were CBM’s dress which didn’t fit (we had to get someone else to sew something about 12am this morning, and she did a good job) and the silly DJ who won’t give us danceable songs. Lost track of how many times I had to ask him to play us good music before the couple entered. Gave up at some point and switched to the band. Whew.

Picking party money aint an easy sometin o. I dunno what I was scared of the most. Someone stepping me, someone farting or someone cracking my skull whilst bending to pick money. And Yorubas can like to spend!!!! Hian!!!!! Party peeve though, people and the craze for party favours. My good Lord, if people could cut of my hand all because they want a souvenir they would gladly have I am sure. *smh*

Apparently I did a bad thing by not attending my friend’s wedding last week. I have been told threatened by another friend if I mistakenly not show up at her wedding. Her words “after the reception, I would tell them I have an important thing to do, head to yours and kill you”. Have to find a way to make up to the bride ba? God help me.

I can finally sleep. With less than 4 hours sleep in 48 hours (yes, I had one of those no going home till it is completed task at work, got to the office 7:20am on Thursday and asides a 30 minutes nap about 2am Friday morning and a three and a half hours sleep this morning, I haven’t slept). Yeah, only went home to have a shower and head back to work about 8am yesterday. Things we do for friends (and work). Alrighty, time to knock out.

Not a fan but kinda like this song

And I dedicate this to my bride and her lovely husband

Yayyy, I have a new commenter!!!!! Thanks Tee

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Final note/quote: “When you’re in a marriage, you’re on the same team. You either win together or lose together- Greg” #stolenfromsinglenigerianman

4 thoughts on “3 posts in how many days?!!!

    1. Hahah! I have “promised” not to go MIA again na. At least for Tee’s sake. If you don’t believe me, who will?

      Thanks dear. I sure would let you know. May be you would be my “errand boy”.

  1. Hehehe! You have just made my day, another post 😮 and first time someone’s mentioning me in their blogpost ;;).
    What’s with people tripping about not attending their parties though?
    Get some rest and have a lovely week ahead.

    1. Lol. You made my day too.

      I dunno o. Me I tell people I don’t expect a lot of people so maybe that’s why it doesn’t bother me. But then, different strokes….

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