Daily Archives: May 29, 2013

To ruin or not to?

Subtitle: to date that friend’s sibling or that sibling’s friend? I don’t even wanna enter dating a friend’s ex or an ex’s friend or dating a close friend.

You are wondering what is there to be ruined abi? FRIENDSHIP


Case 1: that friend’s younger sister you like. Is it worth it to date the sister? Considering the probability that the relationship may not work out? Thereby losing both sisters/brother and sister.

Case 2: that your brother/sister’s friend you like. Is it worth your brother or sister losing that friend if your relationship doesn’t work out?

I think Case 2 is even easier. It is just one “friendship” that is ruined abi? Max max, your brother or sister and the friend would stop talking (at least for a while or maybe forever).

I don’t have stats to back this up so please don’t shoot me. Bet, over the years, I have come to see a lot of such relationships as in case 1 and 2 break down which in turn leads to broken down friendships between the initial friends. I usually tell people I can’t date a friend’s brother neither can I let a male friend date any of my sisters (and I hear things like na you wan date them?). Definitely not, but am I ready to lose that 1 friend because things didn’t work out between me and his/her brother or ready to lose that friend because things didn’t work out between him and my sister? It may or may not happen but forgive me, I am not a natural risk taker. I calculate and analyse a lot before taking any risk. And friendship means a lot to me, I need to be sure it isn’t just a crush or I am lusting after the person before taking that kain risk.


Which reminds me, why do guys feel the need (more than females) to protect their sisters/cousins/close female friends? I grew up in a family of 4 girls. Fortunately or unfortunately, we had many older male family friends who felt it was their duty to keep guys off us. Oh I can say a lot of stories (I got to hear later) about how some guy got the boot even before asking any of us out. Even when such guys were their own friends. It was like we carried a “don’t talk to me” or “thou shalt not date this one” without even knowing. The funny one I got to know about a few years ago was this dude who was a cousin to a family friend. Said family friend is younger so he (big cousin) felt the need to protect us, and thus told everybody we were cousins (note he is cousin to family friend not us). Anyways, apparently by telling people we were cousins (I found out later about the cousin angle but didn’t know it was that “deep”), any guy in my set who has much as looked at me was in for it. They had to report to him before they could “talk” to me. He became my “caretaker” and I no even sabi. Whatever his reasons were I don’t know bet it is still funny more than 10 years after that I might have lost “potential suitors” (yes ke) because of my “cousin”. Hehehe.

Enough ramblings for a day. That’s what you get when you make me to werk on a day people are snoozing and a day after that holy rain.