You meet that one person

I have a friend. Each session in Uni, started with a new boyfriend. She never had the same boyfriend for 2 years. 4 years in Uni equaled 4 boyfriends. She never seemed to be able to keep a relationship for long. She is now married. To a guy she dated for 5 years. You meet that one person.

I have another. Had 3 boyfriends in our 4 years. She is getting married in August. To a guy she has dated for a while.

I have another yet. 2 boyfriends in 4 years. She is also getting married in August.

I have yet still one more. She couldn’t do long distance relationships. In fact, she broke up with a couple of guys because of distance. Once, her boyfriend decided to proceed on his masters and she ended it. She felt she couldn’t do the distance. For another, he was in Nigeria but as school was in Ogun State, she lived in Ibadan and he lived in Lagos (geographically these areas are so close and as such shouldn’t be a problem), she ended it. She is currently in a 5 year relationship with a guy who currently lives in the US (went for his masters 2 years into the relationship). And they are still very much together.

Once again, you meet that one person.

What is it about that person that changes everything?

18 thoughts on “You meet that one person

  1. I guess in all cases, they met the one they go break the rules for…they say when you meet the one, you give it the best shot and break all rules and overcome barriers.

  2. I never believed in dating a younger guy until I met ‘that’ person.. And I broke that rule.. It didn’t work out and I wouldn’t strictly say I regret breaking away from the norm… Would I do it again? Nah! I wouldn’t want to… But then again, I’ve learnt to never say never lol xx

    1. I have broken the rules once and it also didn’t work out. Bet that aint gonna stop me from breaking them another time if I have to.

      And def, NEVER say NEVER. Lesson I learnt early.

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