Daily Archives: March 31, 2013

Happy Easter dear friends

Happy Easter people. Lets all remember the reason for this season. I was at this lovely Easter programme yesterday and was my mind blown? Just what I needed to get into Easter “mood”.

I saw this on pinterest yesterday and thought to share it. Well, a lot of things blew my mind yesterday and this was one such thing.


Dear mother (sure she would be my mother too), thanking you in advance. A friend once said “if you see a responsible guy, be sure that his mother, sister(s), aunt or some female has “worked” on him”. That said, I always wonder why people refer to their spouse’s parents and relatives using -in law. I eavesdropped on an older friend’s conversation once (oh well, he was sitting right next to me, was I meant to move?). And all through the phone call, he kept saying daddy, mummy and all so I assumed he was talking to his parents. Conversation ends and I asked (maybe God just wanted to reveal something to me since I already thought they were his parents). So I asked if he was talking to his parents or his wife’s and he said his wife’s and am like you guys sounded so chummy and like old friends. He said “they are my parents also”.

Prayer: dear Lord, give me parents-in-law I can call my father and mother. Give me a mother from my husband. Give me brothers (yes, especially brothers) and sisters I can call my own.

Just wanna share something from yesterday’s programme. Isaiah (before the cross, looking at a shadow of the cross) said “by His stripes we are healed”. Peter (after the cross) said “by His stripes, we were healed. Somehow I never saw it like that. Especially since I and am sure quite a number of people tend to quote Isaiah’s not Peter’s. Done deal. Set free. Price paid. It is FINISHED people. FINISHED.

Have a lovely day and get all the rest you can. And not be like some of us who are working all through the holiday.