She is stunning yeah? Lol

So I am using the time I should spend sleeping to blog. It has been a very hectic BET fun weekend. Finally wore my fascinator. And I must admit (even if I have to do it myself, I looked good). Ok so I wee share some pictures.




Some said I looked Briish. Others, prim and proper. Well, I was able to achieve the look I was going for and am glad. Thanks O.S Hughes and Mide Fascinators. I gas do an article of Mide sometimes soon.

I am a slacker. I got so many “make you no come back empty”, “no come back without man”. Sorry guys, I came back without one number sef. Lol. I was shy. Scoped a guy bet he is a friend’s younger brother. I don’t do friends’ siblings.

All in all, I had fun. And the door of weddings don open. Only yesterday, an ex-roommate and another classmate say dem wan marry in August. Consecutive Saturdays. One in Lagos, and the other in Abuja. And they both want me on their train. What part of I no dey do bridesmaid don’t people understand? Things we do for love. Please advise. Should I or should I not? I should put a “but” in the “bridesmaid contract” right? I get to pick the style for my dress. I mean, why spend so much only for the bride to decide what I would wear? I doubt if I have worn any of my bridesmaid dresses after the wedding because they aint wearable. Why should I spend as much as $150 and I end up dashing a maid or someone the dress? Why do brides decide on unflattering dresses sef? I am of the “bride picks the colour (shade/hue), material but let the maids pick an acceptable style” school of thought. Lucky bridesmaids I would have. Second clause. I don’t want no bridezilla. Any bride wey shout at me, ehn…. Ok…

Tis hard typing on here. And I gas be out in 30 minutes. And I have barely slept. Soooooooo


Happy Palm Sunday and Happy Easter in advance. Remember the reason for the season.


5 thoughts on “She is stunning yeah? Lol

    1. Thanks love. Tis a fascinator o. Didn’t want the smaller ones. Wanted a bridge between a hat and the smaller fascinators.

      Thanks for the nomination.

  1. well done for making that yourself. check out skills!

    as for bridesmaids dresses.. lol you know me i will talk. well.. the thing is we usually try to go fo ra style that would suit everyone… i dont want one person looking hot and the othe rlike a goat, so the compromis ends up being some poeple looking hot nd the others looking ok. ok is better than ugly. As for the price, there isn’t much that can be done. unforutnately, wedding industry is a thriving business. LOL. I remember calling over 30 bridal stores to get a price quote for my brides maids dresses and quotes went from about £300 to £180.. ofcourse you know the one i went for. even at £180 and me subsidising some of the cost of the dress, it was still too expensive!! *sigh*

    good luck on your bridesmaid contracts.

    1. Lol. I didn’t make the fascinator o, though I am going to learn how to.

      As for the dresses, I think everybody should be allowed to pick what suits them as long as it is Church- compliant. That way if you look like a goat, you know say na you pick am. That said, it is easier said than done ba? I know bridesmaids dresses can be freaking expensive. I am opting for sewing. You pick your style, I pick the material and colour. I guess maybe knowing a few good people who do bridal train dresses also helps.

      Happy Easter.

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