Weddings, wickedness and other things

Ok, this post has no head or tail, so ya all should bear with me. And my editors (you know yourselves), feel free to buzz ehn..

Tis wedding season. Yayyest…. I dunno what people mean by wedding season but I am assuming it is the period between March and December as there aint that much weddings in January and February (I think I prefer to wed either in January, April, September or December though; why, I dunno). So the wedding I have been raving about is a week away and am freaking excited. I dunno o. No bi me ku dey wed. I guess maybe because she is the first amongst my friends from Uni getting married. At least we finally have someone to bell the cat.. I dey wait all my childhood friends. Taking their sweet time yeah? I guess the fact that I get to see people I haven’t seen in almost 5 years also adds to the excitement. I know tis gonna be a very busy and stressful day. Engagement, church and reception all on the same day. I hate being stressed yet I am so looking forward to it. Plus I get to launch my fascinator… Waiting patiently for tomorrow (when I get to pick up my fascinator or facilitator as a dear friend called it; I am sowie, I just had to put that up)… Would put up pictures sha…

And like everybody was waiting for L to lead, got a wedding 2 weeks after that (my cousin), another in May and then a break till August… I mustu buy aso-ebi utunu (not like I like them or would do aso-ebi for mine). I am just all so excited yo!!! The sad part though is the when would you marry?, what happened? questions. *sigh*. I was at L’s bridal shower yesterday (twas very lovely, thanks for asking; lol). The highlight? The screaming. Wow, we have all grown. Low point. The what happened questions. Fortunately, nobody asked me anything till it was over. Tried not to feel too sad sha considering what date it was. Well till I got back home and laid on my bed. *sigh*. Moving on.

Why do we delight in being mean to others? To make life hard especially for the less privileged? We have this lovely lady who cleans the office. Mid-March, she is yet to be paid for February. Meanwhile, the company has been paid since 26th February. We later find out that the money was given to her supervisor and she “decided” to keep it with her. Why? Why?? Why??? To think this lady earns less than 20k. Wickedness. Be nice people. BE NICE.

In other news, I made ugwu today. It has been over 5 months I cooked. I miss living alone yo!!!! I miss having someone to cook for. I hope to continue sha… BBC recipes has become my favourite site now. Wish I found egusi and panla to use. Well, next time. By the way, this is strike 2. You know yourself. Food war. Game on!!!!!

Lagos-20130318-03561 Lagos-20130318-03563

Waiting patiently for my hair ish. You know yourself o. Come and enjoy this heat with us. Am I the only one who finds myself drinking as much as 4 bottles of water in a day? For someone who usually never finished even 1 bottle? This weather is killing me. I gas return to my town. Manchester. I am Mancunian you know? *tongue out*. Heat wave wey no get part 2.

Oh and I have finally passed the “I can’t leave my hair undone for more than a week stage”. I never *tears* thought I would *tears* survive *tears* but here I am, *tears* 3 weeks after *tears* and the saloon no longer appeals to me *big smile* … I hope my weaves won’t waste sha. Should make my wigs this weekend. I pray baby sis doesn’t see this. She thinks I am falling her hand and that I am not “positioning” myself. What does she know?

We live in a very small world. The rate at which I meet someone who knows someone I know these days is getting out of hand biko. I fear I might have been rude to one of my boo’s relatives in the past and it would haunt me. Biko, I apologize to those I have been nasty to in the past o. Took only a picture of L and her boo for me to find out a few other friends knew our in-law.

Like I said, this post no get head or tail. Still have a lot more I wanna post about but I should end here. When would all these bombings stop though?

Oya, over to my editors….

Quick one, Adele or Emeli Sande? Who do you prefer?

14 thoughts on “Weddings, wickedness and other things

  1. Who is Emeli Sande o? Lol your ugu looks appetizing sha. What do you mean you don’t have someone to cook for? And please post your ugu recipe? Too many questions at ya, sorry o! And what are you doing shakara for? If you haven’t, join the natural hair movement jorrr! Haha 😀 P.S. these days I like soft voices so I can fall asleep faster, lol

    1. Lol. My fave Briish singer. Plus maybe because we were born the same year… She seems more mature (older than Adele by just a year though). She performed at the opening and closing ceremonies at the Olympics. She reminds me of Alicia Keys. Somehow.
      These are some links.

      Thanks. I should be making some more by weekend or early next week. With egusi and other ish. Would put up pictures and write out the recipe.

      I don’t have anyone to cook for o. Asides my family members. That said, we have a cook so I hardly have to cook. Asides making moin-moin 2 weeks ago, I haven’t done anything. If I had a boo now, wouldn’t be a problem.

      Hmmmm, I never do the big chop o. My liver never reach because I am always thinking, what would I do to the hair if I cut it. Think I am out growing that stage now sha…SO maybe sometimes soon. Who knows?

      Emeli is good. I like Adele but I think Emeli appeals more to me.

  2. The post is kinda defined. Just plenty tins to talk about. My mummy in blogging is always on point. As per Cooking tinz. Been a while too. You ll find me in the kitchen for only two reasons: to take my food and drop my plate#smile#. I can cook o! Just too tired to factor it into my routine now. Just not my fav thing. Adele and who? I dont know anyone.

    1. Thanks.

      Lol. You described my cooking “wahala” well. Na to take food, drop plate, once in a while wash my plate I dey do.

      I have put up some links; in the reply to Worshipandswag’s comment. Check her out. Shocked people don’t know her though.

      Hmmmph. Mummy ke?

  3. Why are my comments not coming up *crying*
    I can identify with a lot of things you wrote having just moved back to Nigeria myself.. And I was a partial Mancunian meself! I may have just bumped into you! lol

    Team Adele all the way! “Someone like you” got me sold.. xx

    1. Lol. You vex wordpress?

      Ha! Not impossible. Once bumped into one of my high school crushes in a bus in Manchester. To think it is meant to be a big city.

      Hmmmm, I feel Emeli more jare. Had Adele’s album for more than a year and never listened to it.

      Where are you based?

  4. Hiiiiii,

    I’m here believing that at the sight of your ‘Fascinator’ you will be blown away….

    Both of these ladies are amazing at what they do. However Emeli Sande speaks to my heart with her “Abide with Me”. I have it on repeat all day everyday.

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