Positioning yourself

First things first, I would like to say a big thank you to Phumie for her comment. You really really really really made my day. Been awwww-ing and smiling since I got the mail. I am glad I inspire someone.

“You have done well in the last 2 years. I have been following your write ups for a couple of months and it has been an inspiration to me as a blogger myself. Keep up the good work.”

Yes I like to blow my own trumpet like that. I hope I haven’t embarrassed her sha.

Secondly, I did gbagaun in my last post and more than 50 views after, nobody noticed. Just made me remember how imperfect we all are no matter how hard we try to make things perfect. I usually read any post at least twice after posting and edit and edit and edit and…. You get my point. Yet I didn’t see the mistake till my elder sister mentioned it this morning. *sigh*.

Third abi na thirdly (before I shell again), I have decided what the competition would be. So I don’t leave anybody out. My big sis made me realize that I had no incentive(s) for the person whose idea I decide to go with. So as not to disqualify anybody, all you need do is comment on this post and subsequent posts till Thursday, January 31st 11.59pm. I would compile the list of all those who dropped by and made comments and pick a winner. So keep the comments coming.

Back to the post. This is a not serious serious post. The good book says “he that finds a wife…” right? And as women we have been told and lectured and… that it is the man that does the searching right? All we need do is wait. He would come. Ok so people have “preached” that while “waiting”, position yourself abi? I have aunties who all they preach is  “you these girls, go out, ehn”.  My question is “how do you position yourself”? Was gisting with BFF1 yesterday and we got into the we are getting old, we must get married discussion (well that’s what happens when you have two bored, one jobless and the other on leave with the house to ourselves) and we started “bemoaning” our fate. Both of us are perpetual “stay at homes”. We detest  don’t like going out. Oh ABC is having a party, everybody else goes, we stay back. Oh there is this shopping party at XYZ, errr we find an excuse. Well in the last few weeks we on our own decided to go to a couple of places and trust me, we were bored within a couple of hours. Such days usually ended with us stopping at O1 to buy sharwama or Dominos for pizza. Then we head home and have “fun”. Boring right. Ok so we asked ourselves that question a lot of women ask at some point in life. How would you get found staying at home? How do you position yourself to be found?

In other news, I have decided to fill my time (well between applying and preparing for tests and interviews) with learning make-up (shaping eyebrows at the moment; one step at a time) and tying gele. Youtube has been my teacher (why is this gehl behaving like an akuse right?). I need help though with gele gele. I find it easy tying the aso oke (the thick and thin ones; singele), ankara BUT still can’t figure out (with the zillion videos I have watched) how to do the gele. After like an hour I just give up. Is there a simpler method?


NB: Please include your full name (s) if possible.

10 thoughts on “Positioning yourself

  1. Err…for the positioning part,truth is you really can’t be ‘found’ staying at home all day.Being the ‘staying @ home’ kind of person myself,I think it helps to go to parties,weddings,hangout with your friends and all to actually get ‘found’. You get to meet people through a network of friends and that can only happen at social gatherings/events. For the tying of ‘gele’ part which is the one I’m more interested in actually,you need to fold the ‘gele’ into two ‘not so equal parts'(if its kinda big),place it at the back of your head(its much better that way),use ur fingers to kinda squeeze the two edges a bit,take the left side forward round the front of ur head,use one hand to put it in place,take d right side forward on top of the left,remove ur hand slightly from where u’r holding the left side in place so u can take the right side just across it,now take both sides to the back,tie strongly together twice.Now,start shapening out the edges of the gele to the look u want. Hope that helps.can help better with a video.xxx

    1. Thanks Ronke.
      Uhmmmm so 2013 is a year of parties then….

      I keep doing the front style. Seems that’s what most people do. Would try yours and send you a picture when I am done.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. In addition, keep an open mind. You can be ‘found’ in the most unlikely places, and it might be a friend’s brother, cousin, etc. It is good that you are using your time to learn new skills in addition to all the job hunting, this will help keep the pressure off, and once mastered, they are yours for life. Well done, and thanks for the shout out.

  3. Deronk, you are welcome. You have also made my day with the Mention.
    I also make a lot of mistakes in my posts(Mostly typho). Though no one has ever called my attention to it. when I notice it, I quickly go back to correct most times. As a baby blogger I am trying to keep up with the pace. Cheers.

  4. I love your honesty in your posts. Lol @ gbagaun! As far as positioning goes, I always say just make sure that you have showered, applied deodorant, neatly dressed, and leave the rest to mathematics. You’ve done your part, honestly. Make sure you’re not cooped up in ur room tho. My friend met her hubby at the pharmacy when she went to purchase jedijedi (diarrhea??) pills, lol! But she looked fly so it didn’t matter to him. It wasn’t after she told him (when they started dating) that the dude burst out laughing…

    I still preach cleanliness because I believe it is in the top three. Guys read a lot into neat girls; they connect it to intelligence. So even if a girl isn’t all that academically she has scored one point in the hygiene department. It is no wonder that guys love to show their girls off to their friends…she wont embarrass him with armpit odor, lol! 😀

  5. time well spent! have seen you gele tying skill son instagram! lol i should come for lessons.

    as for how to meet men if you dont go out.. hmm it can be frustrating sha.. i rememebr when i was single. i was in the same boat as you.. as in i didnt really go out except it was for a closely knit friend’s birthday and we were all in the same friendship circle.. and most people in our circle were dating soo… hardly any new squeeze for me to fancy or whatever.

    i just prayed.. and i thought you know what… whats is the point of going out of my way to go somewhere i wouldn’t normally go only to meet someone that likes going to the place i dont like going to? lol i dont know if that makes sense.

    long story short.. like you know, i met DT on his Dad’s birthday just by tagging along with my mum to a 80th birthday party! lol when i was going, i wasn’t expectng to meet my husband there. lol

    So, even though you do not go out… there are places you are obliged to go to… like family parties/birthdays or weddings that you would eventually meet someone.

    Dt’s friend met his wife in front of his house! She walks past his house everyday to go to work and he noticed her.. so.. you never know.

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