Daily Archives: January 3, 2013


So I finally watch the movie today. Good story/plot, lessons to be learnt but also some very bad acting and unrealistic scenes/incidents.

Where do I begin? I don’t even know how to do this review. I aint a movie critic peoples.

Some things I learnt:

1. You shouldn’t manage your marriage or relationship. If it aint working, see someone, talk to someone but above all remember divorce is the last last last last last last last last (ok you get, I don’t support divorce) option. Summary is though I don’t support managing a relationship especially if you aint married yet, if you can work on it please do. I believe every relationship needs to be worked on and CAN be worked on. Love takes working on and nurturing. You feed it. I don’t think love just dies but I believe it can “die” if it is starved.

2. Remember your spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend is not a toy. They are human beings also. The shit (pardon my french) you can’t take, don’t dish out.

3. Please peoples, house helps are humans too o. Let’s learn to treat them right.

4. I tweeted something yesterday “Love all, trust none”.  Linda who felt her husband is her boy toy and can be treated anyhow forgot say the man get needs. I laughed when she said she knew his schedule, he won’t have the time to cheat because it was so obvious the man was cheating. I remember my mum telling a story of an uncle of hers who died and at his burial a woman came with children. His legal wife almost died. She said her husband couldn’t cheat on her because they were everywhere together. They went to work together, came back home together and all. When she made that statement I just thought “do you know what he uses his time at work for?” How do I explain the trust none part now? Believe in people but also prepare for the worst. If that’s possible.

4. Don’t take people for granted. Let’s learn to appreciate each other. There is/was nothing wrong with Susan being a house wife and taking care of her home. Shit hit the roof (once again pardon my french) when she wasn’t appreciated. If Ken cared to allow her time off say cooking or cleaning or cared to be polite and appreciative, helping out, am sure things won’t have gone the way it did.

5. Please please please, tis 2013. We should stop being myopic. Her father is a wash man (dry cleaner) and so flipping WHAT?

Bad acting

1. The father’s part was pretty unrealistic biko and his acting was poor. Same with the counsellor’s husband and Linda’s husband.

2. Monica too was really poor and what accent is that?

I posed a question on twitter. Can you fight for your man? Yes I can but def not the way Nse did it. It can very well backfire. Let me split the question. In a regular relationship (is there anything like irregular relationship?), can you fight for your man (or woman)? Or at the first sign of issues, you take a walk? I dunno but am not sure I would stress myself and fight especially not the way portrayed in the movie. If we were married. I would do my fighting on my knees. You really can’t change anybody; male or female, husband or wife, brother or sister (which was what she was doing). Rebranding a man? Changing a woman? Please….. All the same, when love is involved, we tend to do things we usually won’t think or swear we can never do. So I really can’t blame her. I could very well react the way she did. Who knows?

I am glad Susan decided to be her own woman. Girl power right? And am glad Ken realized his love for Susan was deeper than he thought or cared to think.

This is one of the few Nollywood movies I have enjoyed though not sure I would spend my money watching any Nollywood movie in the cinema. Letters to a Stranger was also one good movie.

Side note: Still don’t get Barbara’s part abi na anger. Is it because Susan was from a poor background or she wanted her son married to someone else? I also still don’t get why even at the end, Ken never really stood up to his mum. He is a grown man for goodness sake. And please married folks, I don’t get the part about cleaning a man’s mess. Please can anyone explain?

Life is not always perfect but love is forever. Feed, work on and nurture your love.