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Like I stated in my previous post, 2013 is a year of “remembrance”, both grandparents on my dad’s side died 20 and 10 years ago….. As I remember them (as we do every year), I am grateful to God for what their children (my dad and his brothers) have become. For us the grand children and great grand children. December also makes it 10 years my eldest female cousin got married. Sadly my grandpa couldn’t wait for his 1st grand-daughter to get married before passing on.

I remember my grandma today and always. Though I was mega young when she died. I remember her as that small yet strong woman who raised four sons. Who loved her daughters-in-law as her own. Between her and my maternal grandma, they loved us (my sisters and I) making their hair. My grandma loved to write. Who won’t? When her husband was a writer himself. My fondest and maybe scariest memory is when some days before she died, she asked her neighbour to get people to come clean the house and surroundings because in her words the neighbour “ma gba alejo” (she told her neighbour to expect guests soon) and she needed the whole place intact. She died days after. Ajoke, we miss you.

My grandpa. I had an extra 10 years with him. Mega tall (at least to me then, compared to my grandma and yes, he was about 6 feet). Fondest and best memories are when we went home to see him every year. He always made jotters for us and we had to write out the towns and villages and landmarks we passed through before getting home. He would go through it and ask us questions. When we are leaving he would give us more jotters and ask us to write. Funny again the day before he died, he completed his autobiography. When they broke into his house the following day, the book he wrote everything was wide open, his glasses on the book and his pen. I remember how he used to wait for us under a tree in front of his house when we went to see him every December. We were looking forward to him celebrating his 89th and planning a big 90th for him the following year. He would have been a hundred years in 2014. Adebiyi, we love you so much.

October makes it 10 years I also heard about ovarian and uterine cancer for the first time. Also makes it 10 years I lost a friend (because I lost her before she finally died June the year after). She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer August 2003 thereabout. We took ill about the same time, missed a number of 3rd term exams in SS2. Unfortunately while I was able to get back to school after having a surgery to remove my lump, hers was much serious. She never fully recovered till she passed on some days before her 17th birthday in 2004. I am convinced Adeola knew she was going to die. She said before she died “If I make it till my 17th birthday, I would live”. On the day she died, she went for a routine check-up with her dad. She was actually feeling better. Asked the nurses to tell her dad to excuse them, called the nurses together and asked them to sing and pray. She passed on while that was going on. Found one of the pictures we took during our valedictory service in Primary 6 (we have similar names and her surname always came before mine. We were in the same class all through primary and secondary school). Adeola, I wish I got to know you much better than I did. I wish you didn’t have to die when you did.

10 years also I had my first surgery. 10 years since I got really close to my mum. The news of finding a lump in my breast was enough to make us start talking to each other. Like she says if the lump was cancerous and was advanced and I died, she would have killed me again for not telling her on time because we weren’t on talking terms. If we started the day talking and smiling with each other, we ended it fighting. If we started the day fighting, we ended it talking. To think I am every bit her look alike. You would think we were fighting over a man if you ever saw us fight. Lmao. Grateful to God for my twinie.

On a more cheerful note, my parents would be married 30 years in July. I am grateful to God for giving me such wonderful parents. We have all had our tough times, times we coulda boxed each other (lol). All in all, I am forever grateful. And praying to God for many more years. To see all of us married and to see your grandchildren. I couldn’t have asked for better parents and I would choose you guys (my father would kill me if he sees “you guys”) all over again.

Have  a wonderful year people.


Make way, make way…………………………..

Happy new year loves, faithful readers and fellow bloggers. Sounds like I am debating ba?

So it is 2013 already. Time flies. 2013!!!!!

Loads of “celebration” this year. It would be 20 years my paternal grandma died in May, 10 years my paternal grandpa died in August and 30 years my parents have been married in July. My baby sis would be done with school in April by God’s grace. I should go on ba?

Grateful for the year 2012. Through the ups and downs, joy and sorrow, tears and happiness, God’s mercy kept me. And I am forever grateful. Had fun the last couple of days of the year. Travelled to my paternal grandma’s home town 19+ years after. It was nice going back there sha. Last time I went, I was barely 5+. And it wasn’t pleasant memories as we went for her burial. I remember running into popsie’s house the night before the burial, tripped, my mouth landed on the pavement and the teeth wey fall off that day ehnnnnnn. Also went to my paternal grandpa’s home town (my home town shey), 9+ years after. Last time I went there too, I wasn’t too happy. It was his burial. Ok wetin annoy me abi? The man “chose” to die on my best friend’s birthday and the burial took place on another close friend’s birthday. Twas fun driving through towns in Osun State (sorry State of Osun as our governor has decided to rename it).

For 2013. Though I started it in the hospital taking care of my cousin. Grateful she is much better. Thankful for what 2013 has in store for me and my family.

May God continue to bless and keep us all this year.

Side note: Every January, people say prayers like “this year would be your/our year”. They make that prayer every year. I don’t get that prayer though. Can someone explain what it means?

Do have a blessed and favoured 2013.