Daily Archives: December 20, 2012

Second Best

Don’t get excited please. Am not back. Not yet.

This is just something I wanted to blog about a while back but never got round to.

Ok where do I start?

Quick question. How would your spouse feel days/weeks/years after marriage that “you kinda settled for them”?

Which kain question be this ba? Let me explain. Maybe that shouldn’t be the question sef.

I have seen and heard and it has happened to me well well situations whereby some dude is asking you out and four/five/six months after, he is (getting) married. Happens shey? No biggy ba? Especially if you weren’t into him abi? Ok, what of you guys are so in to each other. You were sure something was going to happen. Maybe you guys were even dating? Worse, you guys were engaged, both families have met, wedding date maybe even set. Issues crop up, he breaks up and you hear in less than six months, he is married.

Scenario 1 has happened to me a lot of times and I just never attached anything to it after all I never liked any of them so if they found someone to marry why not. Just started wondering lately how the wife would feel if she got to know that if the other chic had said yes, he would have married chic A not her. Scenario 2 happened to someone I know, this time around it was the guy at the receiving end. Scenario 3 happened recently to someone else and frankly, on the babe’s behalf one could kill the guy. Good thing and something to be thankful for, she didn’t marry a jerk (because that is surely what the guy is).

Not saying when you get a No from a guy/babe or you break up, you shouldn’t move on with life BUT how do people “move on” that fast in less than 6 months to the extent that they are getting married already? It could only mean the spouse was on stand by, plan B. If A doesn’t work, B would work. How then do you think that man or woman would feel knowing he/she was plan B? Funny thought that just came to mind “maybe Plan B was actually God’s plan for you”. Yet still, couldn’t you have waited a bit? A year maybe before getting married? To be sure it isn’t a rebound kind of thing? Know each other better?

I don’t even want to get into how plan A would feel especially if there was already something between both parties. I am barely out of you life and you are married?

Once again, MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAVE A BLESSED 2013. See you in 2013.

N.B: Fikitee, this post was actually for you cuz you won’t be seeing me any time soon.