Excited much yeah… Birthday in a few days……..

Can’t believe the month is almost ending… a week and day and it is December and it is CHRISTMAS. Whoopieeeeeeeeeee. I so love Christmas.

To think a few days ago, I was practically wishing November away. As the days go by, am just so giddy with excitement. Everything is falling in place and am getting way happier than have been in a while….. Yayyyyyy………. Can’t wait for Monday.

In other news, my results came out last week… MSc. Management, done and dusted….. Funny story, when I calculated my results I had a Merit yeah but fell into the boundary zone. The Board of examiners could push it up to a distinction or I remain on a merit. Cool right? Till I got a mail from my course advisor saying the way we calculated our first and second semester results isn’t the same way we should calculate the third semester. The formula was such that our 30 credits course had to be multiplied by 2 and then all the courses added up and divided by 4. Me I saw add all the courses and divide by 4. Omo, by the time I finished, I fell to a PASS. I couldn’t cry. How would I explain to my parents? Who do I tell? It wasn’t funny. Pinged a classmate and asked her to please read the mail well, maybe na me no read am well. What didn’t we say…. It took both of us almost four days (more like took her 4 days because I had boned and “gba kamued” and was thinking about how to tell my parents that after XYZk pounds o, na pass I carry comot for school) to see the multiply by 2, add and divide by 4. Whew… Na merit last last…. Can grad come already? Can’t wait….. Wozaaaaaaaaa.

In other other news, I won…… Yipeeeeeeeeeee. On Dirty Dishes Blog. Funny I never read the post. Just joined the facebook group because I was fascinated by the food and wanted to try other parts of Nigeria’s meals. And I WON. Time to make peppersoup yeahhhhhhhh..

Finally, the rate at which people on blogsville’s identity is being revealed, seriously considering shutting down this blog and going anonymous pata pata……. More like closing all social media accounts and just blogging but under a different identity…. Let’s see how it goes sha. This blog might just seize to exist soon.


Side note: Happy thanksgiving

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