Daily Archives: November 12, 2012

Every reason to be thankful

I was chatting with a friend last night/this morning (I chat a lot yeah) and was telling her about how I just wish I can find a place and hide. No calls, no texts, no pings. No form of communication with anybody. Just be, myself and I. You know those days, you are just down, and you cannot tell people how you feel. Am pretty much at an all time low and just wish I can disappear. It later occurred to me that nobody would believe if they knew I was in this state. Behind the whole smiling face, chatting and everything looking nice. I remember reading a blog this morning (or was it yesterday?) and it damn struck a chord. I found myself asking “why is God messing with me”.

Well I kinda got my answers last night/this morning and I decided rather than give the devil a chance to make me unhappy, I am gonna be thankful. No matter what it is, I know the answers I seek would come. The answers may not be favourable but still in Him would I trust. I realized I have/had a lot of things to be thankful for and I felt like bursting out in songs and screaming (couldn’t though except I wanted to wake the whole house up).

I have ever reason to be thankful.
I am thankful for life.
For the salvation of my soul.
For family and friends.
For YB.
For my jobless state.
For my baby sis, who saw her elder sister has no job and decided to pass all her assignments to me. That should keep me busy yeah?
For parents I can call on, when am broke *straight face*
For revelations when I need them.
For guidance and protection. My family and I, friends and all go out, we come in, no accidents, no robbery attacks (getting quite much as Christmas approaches). For extra mercies especially as this year is coming to an end. It has been tough/hard/depressing/sad for a lot of people. Yet we still dey bam.
Because I no dey UK in this kain cold.
For friends who are truly friends.
For the tests I am going through.
For the days I get really scared.
For the tears.
For the opportunity to even feel low. He is reminding me His grace is sufficient, He is the only one I can rely on.
For the past 2* years (did you think am gonna reveal my age here?) *ssmh*
For the past 10 months and 12 days (did I get that Maths right?) 😃
For the new people I have met in the last months.
For blogville.
For a lot of things.
Because I know all things work together for my good.

Anywayz, as I cannot scream, My Praise by Gabriel Eziashi would do.

It is my birth month. Yayyyyyy. Unlike other years, I never got round to deciding what I was going to post or do. Like I said, I haven’t been feeling myself for a while and it just entered the lowest low in the last few days.

Can’t wait to see the streets of Lagos with all the Christmas decors and lights. Taking them forever to put them up this year *sigh*.
Wishing all November babies a very happy birthday. Angelsbeauty I see you.